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Research Design 01Learning Light was founded in 2005, as a centre of excellence in the use of elearning and learning technologies.

Sheffield, the home of Learning Light has one of the largest clusters of elearning companies in the UK and probably Europe, and it is from here since 2005 that Learning Light has provided advice and help to many companies seeking to use elearning and learning technologies to improve their business performance.



An evolved approach to delivering engaging effective elearning  

Our clients have benefited from our “Define and Determine” approach to understand the fast changing and complex environment that is elearning. As elearning “designers and developers” we have built elearning courses for clients that have exceeded their expectations and beaten tight budgetary constraints.

Our work in supporting the “Deploy” stage of an elearning project has been equally important to many of our clients, and our approach when co-ordinated with our “Define and Determine” and “Design and Develop” approach is a sure way of ensuring your success with an elearning project.



Flexibility and knowledge sharing     

We are happy to work for you and deliver you a “turn key” project, or with you via our workshop programme to show you how to use our evolved approach to “Define and Determine”, “Design and Develop” and “Deploy” elearning. We offer market leadingelearning consultancy, and have advised many companies how to succeed with elearning.

These customisable “Define and Determine” workshops can reflect the needs of differing industry segments – where our research has given us very clear understanding of the different industry sectors and their specific learning requirements.

We have a deep understanding of the legal sector, the retail sector, the construction sector, the hospitality sector, the manufacturing sector, having conducted in depth research interviews with over 90 companies in the UK.

The “Design and Develop” workshops are configurable to. We can focus on “Design and Develop” on using gaming and simulation, or mobile learning, how to use authoring tools such as Lectora or Jackdaw to create rapid elearning content. See our elearning video Q and A’s to learn more.


Carefully chosen off the shelf courses for sale

Learning Light is also able to offer ready developed elearning courses and elearning vidoes in Leadership and Management, Health and Safety, Health and Social care and a wide range of courses for the engineering and manufacturing sector and the waste management and recycling sector. Our elearning videos cover a huge range of topics, take a look at our elearning video demo wall.


Practical experience: providing courses and qualifications   

Learning Light is also a WAMITAB  Approved Centre to deliver qualifications…..using elearning and an LMS (Learning Management System).  Accordingly, here at Learning Light we understand the real issues in deploying elearning and managing learners through an LMS.




In developing the UK’s first elearning led qualification addressing a complex piece of legislation – the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive.

The elearning is delivered by an LMS and work based assessment in a very cost effective and environmentally beneficial way. Indeed this innovative piece of work made the “e” in elearning  “e” for environmental!

This unique qualification on the QCF (Recycling Operations WEEE) is an example of how elearning can contextualise complex legislation – “Red Tape Regulations” to qualifications to benefit learners and employers by raising skills and meeting regulations in one engaging effective elearning course.

Our elearning was used in Nigeria to deal with toxic e-waste and was reported in the Guardian newspaper.

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Our work with hard to reach learners is well recognised, having delivered elearning programmes in prisons. Our European work leading project Enable has given us the methodologies to warm up cool learners…..and elearning really can deliver social inclusion.



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Experts in all things elearning

Whatever your elearning requirements, Learning Light has the expertise as engaging effective elearning is our passion. We are always keen to learn more and share what we know. We regularly speak at events in the UK, Europe and the USA. We publishmarket research into the elearning market.

If you are interested in us speaking have a look at some of the elearning topics we address. You can watch our elearning video Q and As to learn more. If you are interested do get in touch.