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Technology has transformed the financial services sector during the last decade. The technological revolution that is taking place in Finance right now is expected to progress at an ever quicker pace during the next decade. For anyone working in this sector, it has become increasingly important to keep up with new technological developments if they want to avoid getting left behind by the competition.

Accountancy and finance training

It’s not just the competition that’s getting tougher in the financial industry, but also the regulatory requirements. Financial service providers that do not comply with the legislation and regulations governing their sector risk serious short and long term consequences. This may include high fines, serious reputational damage and even shutdown.

Training is not optional

To keep on top of technological advancements and develop a highly skilled workforce for your financial services company, continued learning is crucial. Teaching employees to work with new technology will help them get more work done in less time. Improving sales and soft skills will boost your organisation’s ability to attract new clients and retain them.

Compliance is more important than ever

After all the corruption scandals that have surfaced in the financial sector during the last few decades, it has become a lot more complicated and costly to adhere to regulatory requirements that have never been as strict as they are today. Compliance training is one of the most important measures a financial services company can take to prevent compliance problems.

For most training needs in the financial services sector, eLearning provides quicker, cheaper and easier way to provide the right training at the right time. While traditional training is often difficult to organise because of employees’ busy schedules, eLearning courses can be taken at any time from anywhere. Using eLearning, training courses covering new technology or regulations can be developed and deployed to employees quickly without the need for trainers, training venues or printed learning material.

Implementing a well-founded training strategy with an extensive compliance programme and financial, technological, sales and soft skills training courses will help your financial services organisation achieve better performance, gain clients and avoid regulatory issues.

To ensure the success of a new learning and development program, it is recommended to work with an experienced training service consultancy. A training provider that has practical experience in the financial services industry can help you overcome the many difficulties that are involved in a large training programme or elearning project.

Below you can find a number of training and elearning providers with financial services industry experience.


Leading UK Financial Services Industry Training Provider – FSTP LLP

FSTP is a financial services training provider and consultancy that offers training courses covering a range of important skills for being successful in the financial services sector. Subject areas include:

  • Compliance and Risk
  • Technical Training
  • Personal Development
  • Senior Management and Board

The company regularly organises public courses in the City of London, but training can also be provided at the date and venue that suit your training group’s schedule. All training and consultancy services can be customised to client needs.

For more information about FSTP’s training services, have a look at their website:


US Financial Services Industry Training Provider – TrainSmart Inc

TrainSmart Inc is a US based learning solution provider with extensive experience in the financial services sector. They have helped with the design, development and delivery of instructor-led and eLearning courses on a range of topics for financial services companies.

Training services provided to the financial services industry include:

  • Design and development of training material
  • Analysis of training requirements
  • Train-the-trainer training
  • Training database design
  • Time management training

During it’s 20+ years in the training solution sector, TrainSmart has developed long term relationships with many of its clients, which shows their commitment to delivering high quality learning solutions.

Find out more at  Read about success stories at:


eLearning Content Development – Brightwave

Off-the-shelf eLearning does not always cut it in the competitive financial services sector. If you need training that tackles the unique issues your organisation is facing, custom training content development is the way to go.

Brightwave is a learning solution provider that offers total learning solutions for organisations in a variety of sectors. Their eLearning services include custom eLearning content development, for which they received a Silver BrandonHall Excellence award in 2013. They can help you design engaging, beautifully designed and interactive eLearning content that your employees will love.

More information about Brightwave’s custom eLearning content is available at: Case studies can be found at:


Online course provider – Fitch Learning

Fitch Learning is a global training provider that offers a range of courses and qualifications for the financial services sector. Courses can be followed at their training centres, delivered at your own premises or taken online through their eLearning platform.

Content can be purchased as off-the-shelf training programs or tailored to meet your organisation’s unique needs.

Find out more at


eLearning Consultancy from Learning Light

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Financial Services Industry LMS Provider – ExpertusONE

ExpertusONE is a cloud-based learning management system developed by LMS solutions provider Expertus. The LMS is designed to be simple to use, but still includes all the features you need to set up a successful learning & development program. Features include:

  • A great user experience on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • >Extensive reporting functionalities built-in.
  • A built-in virtual conference module.
  • A built-in gamification tool.

For more information about Expertus LMS for your financial services company, check out:


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