Training & eLearning Providers by Industry

When choosing between many elearning, traditional training or blended learning providers, it can often be good to select a company that has extensive or specialist experience of your industry.

As many HR and business leaders want products and services from companies that really understand their market and unique requirements, below are pages of training and elearning providers by popular industry (in alphabetical order).


An overview of the current challenges for aviation training.

Find leading aviation elearning, traditional training and blended learning companies in this highly regulated transport industry.

Financial Services

Banking and finance is becoming more complex as technology plays a greater role.

With the well-publicised non-compliance cases in the media in recent years, training within this sector is under greater scrutiny than ever before.


Another fast moving and highly regulated industry facing a skills gap. Career progression for staff with well-roadmapped training can help greatly with recruitment, retention and meeting current skill needs.

We look at companies that can help.


Many building and construction companies worldwide are suffering a skills shortage.

Find advice and training support to maximise your current and future personnel requirements within this high-consequence industry.


Medical professionals need to complete regular CE / CPD to stay on top of their field.

HR needs to ensure that their work stays compliant with fast-changing industry regulations.


High employee turnover, and an industry where every margin is squeezed.

eLearning in particular can make a big difference in terms of cost-savings.


To stay competitive, engineering companies need to keep innovating and advancing their engineering practices.

Training plays a very important role in helping companies to compete globally.

Hospitality & Catering

There’s no escaping the fact that this is, and will likely remain, a high staff turnover industry.

Good training and elearning can reduce the costs associated with this, while even helping to retain staff.

Waste and Recycling

As well as elearning consultancy, we can help companies and individuals with industry accreditations.

Improve performance and ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

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