WAMITAB Continuing Competence

Learning Light offers WAMITAB Continuing Competence training and qualifications for the Waste Management industry.

Within the UK waste management industry, those who have responsibility for site operations must be judged to be competent. This competency is demonstrated through a Certificate of Technical Competence (COTC) and thereafter through continuing competence that is demonstrated through testing.


Gaining the required knowledge to pass the test is a self managed process. Many who are currently COTC-holders may not have sat a test for perhaps thirty or more years and this elearning training package has been designed to provide the information that will allow you undertake the WAMITAB Continuing Competence test with confidence.

It is based on the WAMITAB syllabus and addresses the various elements in a structured programme; this splits the syllabus into a number of discreet modules and allows you to study for the test in a time effective and convenient manner and at your own pace.

We hope you enjoy the elearning process as much as you value the knowledge gained.

Modules 1a and 1b address Duty of Care, Landfill classification and Waste Acceptance

Modules 2a and 2b cover Hazardous Waste

Modules 3 and 4 cover Environmental Permitting (including Quality Protocols) and WEEE (the waste electrical and electronic equipment controls)

Module 5 covers the Environmental element of the syllabus and deals with Environment Protection.

Modules 6 and 7 cover Health and Safety

Module 8 covers Hazardous waste treatment and transfer

Each WAMITAB Continuing Competence training module is approximately 30 mins. long.

Other activity-specific COTC elements (such as Metal Recycling and ELVs) are covered through the use of FactSheets, with each one available at a cost of £50 (excl. VAT).

Holders who are members of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management may record a total of fourteen hours (two days) study for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

If you would like to discuss WAMITAB Continuing Competence courses, please contact us here at Learning Light.