WAMITAB Centre for COTC, OCC and Level 1 to 4 Qualifications

WAMITAB Approved Centre

Learning Light is an approved WAMITAB Centre providing Statutory and Non-Statutory (Voluntary) qualifications listed on the Quality Curriculum Framework (QCF).


​We deliver 6 unit level 4 qualification Operator competence Certificate (OCC) and the 12 unit level 4 qualification Certificate of Technical Competence (CoTC)

We provide qualifications at Level 1, Level 2; Level 3 and Level 4

We also provide WAMITAB Pre-Employment Qualifications for candidates seeking work in the Recycling and Waste Management Industry – Contact us about the availability of funding.

Operator Competence

Are you looking for a qualification to demonstrate Operator Competence? The details below may help you understand what you need to do next.

Environmental Permitting Regulations 2007 came into force in April 2008 in England and Wales. This regulation replaced previous regulation that required a CoTC  (Certificate of Competence).

We provide a number of elearning courses for the waste management industry, including an elearning course for continuing competence, to help you complete the test with confidence.
You can see the other elearning courses for waste management that we offer here.

If you already hold a CoTC
Operators who already hold a CoTC will from 1 March 2009  be required to meet Continuing Competence requirements every 2 years this is based on the understanding that the CoTC that is held is still appropriate to the facility.

Continuing Competence Assessment is an ‘on-line’  assessment and can be taken at independent Centres located throughout England and Wales; assessments are booked and paid for on-line via WAMITAB’s web site.

Go to the WAMITAB website www.wamitab.org.uk for more information.

If you do not hold a CoTC
You will be required to demonstrate competence based on the Risk Tier for your facility

·         High risk –  You will be required to  achieve a 12 Unit QCF qualification

·         Medium risk:  You will be required to achieve a  6 Unit QCF qualification

·         Low risk:  You will be required to achieve a 4 Unit QCF qualification

email support@learninglight.com  for more information


Call: 0114 307 2368

Environmental Permit Operators Certificate EPOC

If you are required to achieve an EPOC  –  Environmental Permit Operators Certificate.  You need to apply to the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM). Go to www.ciwm.co.uk for more information.

New Site Permit Applications

First of all contact the Environment Agency (EA).

Go to www.environment-agency.gov.uk  for more information

They will guide you on the risk tier applicable to your facility.

Learning Light is WAMITAB approved centre number 139/88.

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