60 Second Chef Course Review

During our 60 Second Chef course review using the e-Learning Content Evaluation Tool (e-LCET), we found this to be an interesting and innovative exposition of micro-learning for training in cooking skills.

60 second chef course review

This cooking skills series of 60 second videos has been curated by Virtual College and short knowledge retention checks have been made to maximise the impact and effectiveness of the videos.

The videos, while delivering a standalone learning experience (in yes, just 60 seconds), are cleverly constructed to offer a defined learning pathway to build technical culinary skills. This is not a recipe service, but a slick and simple skills building solution encompassing culinary skills, food safety and preparation, and nutrition.

The videos are short and engaging and made to the highest production standards, focusing on the steps to culinary success. They are very well narrated and an excellent example of micro-learning in action.

To learn more about the 60 Second Chef video series, click here.