Automotive Training and eLearning

Here we look at some of the best automotive training companies and elearning providers, as well as the unique learning & development challenges for car / vehicle manufacturers and dealers.

Automotive training and elearning


Competitive, but growing sector

The automotive industry is one of the most competitive, with considerable budgets going into Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing and Logistics. The global automotive manufacturing market was estimated to be worth $2.7 Trillion in 2021 and expected to rise to $2.8 Trillion in 2022 despite fears of recession around the world in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ensuring the highest standards of training is important for maximising value in all those areas, while customer loyalty and the potential for repeat business means that there is great incentive to deliver great customer service. Automotive elearning has started to play an increasingly important part of the training in recent years, allowing for employee training when face to face, classroom environments are difficult or impossible.

It also enables Customer Education both pre-sale in choosing the perfect vehicle, but as part of after-sales care to help improve customer satisfaction and reduce the burden and costs related to service teams.


Top Automotive eLearning & Training Companies

The companies below have experience across many areas of automotive training and elearning…


Fifth Business

Fifth Business provide a learning format that gives dealers an interactive tool to explore the features and competitive benefits of a vehicle. This enables them to get a ‘feel’ of the product prior to their first hands-on experience.

Automative elearning from Fifth Business

This elearning is intended to provide sales employees with the knowledge and skills to be able to sell the features and benefits of a vehicle with confidence. It can also be used as a reference source throughout the model’s lifespan.

Fifth Business can create interactive and engaging elearning tutorials that utilise a strong visual presence incorporating film and 3D to complement the look and feel of existing materials.

7th Floor
6 Kean Street
London, WC2B 4AS

Tel: +44(0) 207 534 9099
Learn more on the Fifth Business automotive page of their website.


Day One Technologies

Day One created scenario based learning content for automotive elearning at leading brand, Mercedes-Benz. The focus was on creating highly engaging soft skills training for local dealerships.

Mercedes-Benz soft skills training

The project with Mercedes-Benz was designed to help their teams to build and maintain customer relationships in retailers and commercial dealers.

They were looking for a solution to reflect a desired non-corporate style, involving less theory-based training and more actionable insights, with an interactive environment for employees to practise their customer service skills.

Unit 55 Batley Business and Technology Centre,
Grange Road Batley,
West Yorkshire
WF17 6ER

Tel: +44 1924 510524
Learn more about this automotive training project on the Day One website.



Digits is a UK-based learning management system (LMS) provider. Their training platform, Digits LMS, combines the best of LMS & LXP functionality to deliver onboarding and compliance capabilities along with employee-led exploration of elearning content to help drive staff performance and create a culture of organisational learning and excellence.

Digits LMS

Digits is a leading digital learning company with more than three decades of experience in elearning design and development. Their solutions can make a genuine difference to L&D and business as a whole, and they have the ethos of working closely and collaboratively with their clients to make the delivery of learning ‘brilliantly simple’.

Digits Industries Ltd
18 High Street
Hampshire PO16 7AF

Tel: +44 (0)1489889900
Learn more about the company at


Create LMS

Create LMS is designed from the ground up to be easy to use for both learners and L&D teams. It has particular strengths in employee onboarding, engagement and retention.

Create is an innovative technology company founded in 2013 to solve frustrating Learning and Development and HR problems and to positively impact business growth.

In our Create LMS review, David noted its speed and ease of use, yet a powerful set of features that allow it to meet all the needs of the modern learner.

No doubt this is why Create LMS has been the trusted learning platform for several global brands, including Toyota.

Aldwych House,
71-91 Aldwych Holborn,
United Kingdom
Visit to learn more.


Sap Litmos

With ever-changing environmental and safety regulations, and increasingly complex vehicle systems, Automotive companies face a wide range of challenges when it comes to employee training. You can use SAP Litmos to keep employees up to speed about best practices in the automotive industry and to track learner progress.

Litmos training solutions for vehicle manufacturing, sales and logistics include:

  • A mobile-friendly LMS for anytime, anywhere learning on any device
  • Customer training solutions to improve satisfaction and increase loyalty
  • Off the shelf automotive training content that’s ready to go in your learning platform
  • Gamification and leaderboards to drive motivation and healthy competition between staff
  • Learner tracking and analytics, giving HR and L&D managers the data and insights they need to support their teams.

The Scalpel
52 Lime St
London EC3M 7AF

Tel: +44 20 8917 7751
Learn more about Litmos automotive industry solutions on their website.


If you’re looking for the best automotive training and elearning providers, then one of the companies above should be able to cater for your needs.

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