Belitsoft Review – Custom eLearning Development Services

In David’s Belitsoft review, he found a company offering custom elearning development services with vast experience in being the trusted outsourcing partner for wide-ranging content and platform projects.

Belitsoft software development company

It is always great to come across companies quietly working away in the world of Learning Technology that are doing something a little different and are a little disruptive. One of these companies is Belitsoft, a developer of custom-built LMS (amongst other things as we shall see further).

Founded in 2004, the company has developed impressive expertise in eLearning. And considering the scale of their projects, Belitsoft deserves to be much more well-known than they are.

It was in 2007 that Belitsoft started working on LMS with a Danish client. They created a solution tightly integrated with SharePoint and Office 365.

Now Belitsoft isn’t just an elearning solutions developer. They are a fully-fledged software development company, offering multiple web development services.

Returning to elearning, the team includes 100+ specialists in the field (out of 370 developers in total).

For 16 years in Custom eLearning Software Development, Belitsoft has expanded into the US, Israel, EU, and UK markets delivering impressive projects. The company has already completed 110+ elearning implementations.


An LMS your way: custom-built for complete alignment with your organisation

The core of Belitsoft’s from-scratch-built approach to LMS or LXP is their existing code libraries and deep knowledge of learning standards including SCORM, LTI, xAPI and CMi5, and very considerable experience in delivering such solutions.

Dmitry, the CTO at Belitsoft, tells me they have deployed over 500 custom-built LMS to date. He wouldn’t tell me how many LXPs they have developed and deployed, other than the number is growing very fast indeed.

Custom-built TMS are also on the menu of capabilities. Remember, the way Belitsoft works means these learning platforms come with no licence fee and will fit your organisational requirements exactly……… an LMS or LXP your way.

Dmitry is rightly proud of what Belitsoft can do. They work with large and small companies, and just love a challenge.

Dmitry Baraishuk of Belitsoft
Dmitry Baraishuk – CTO of Belitsoft


An evolved set of development processes

The Belitsoft team offers consultancy services ideally suited to newly launched elearning ventures focused on monetisation, as well as the tech stack. They offer an LMS tool kit that saves time and money by speeding up the whole process. Belitsoft really understands how to get to a MVP (minimum viable product) quickly.

Belitsoft also excels with integrations and can create very deep custom integrations with CRMs, HRIS, CMS and more.

The company has developed its own custom LRS, and is actively experimenting with AI in education and Blockchain.

The willingness of Belitsoft to convert customer ideas into fully-operational custom developments is particularly impressive. They have worked on language learning projects, game-based learning, and innovative assessment techniques, to flag up just a few of the many custom learning solutions developed recently.


A highly customisable LMS with super quick deployment

Belitsoft offers an out-of-the-box JoomLMS. The basic solution can be deployed very quickly (we are talking in a day or so) with lots of configuration options provided from the get-go.

Customisations follow at a rapid pace, as for a typical project Belitsoft will field a team of 20 to work on it.

There are over 1000 deployments of the JoomLMS in 30+ countries delivered by Belitsoft to date.

Custom elearning course development

Above is an example of an integration of an LMS with CMS and payment systems Belitsoft made for elearning company, Ticken (120,000 users across Europe).


Customise your existing open source LMS

Belitsoft is also very capable of customising existing open source LMS, particularly Moodle or JoomLMS.

So Belitsoft can build you a highly customisable LMS or LXP very quickly. They can provide an out-of-the-box LMS that is highly configurable and customisable, and finally, they can also customise existing open source LMS solutions with their very deep expertise in Moodle and Joomla. The quality of their work is impressive, and the savings on licence fees are even more impressive.

Corporate university LMS

This is a customised LMS that Belitsoft built for Technicolor Corporation (17,000 employees).

Buying an LMS or LXP from Belitsoft means the IP is handed over to you. The cost comprises of the custom-built software (naturally, if that option is chosen), its configuration, and any specific customisation you require. An SLA is bespoke to your requirements and this, of course, forms part of the ongoing running and support cost.

Hosting can be on premises or on either Azure or AWS, with the data centres in the USA and Germany typically used. Belitsoft can manage this if required and (again as part of the SLA) manage the LMS or LXP hosting services.


Development services as well

Belitsoft will also take on digital content conversion projects, digitising your classroom materials and offering elearning application development services – particularly mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

eLearning app developed by Belitsoft

This is an example mobile LMS Belitsoft built for an LMS company – Elearningforce (4 million users).


Working with Belitsoft

So, we know Belitsoft offers excellent value for money and has a very well evidenced capability for quality delivery. But what are they like to work with? Well, Belitsoft themselves recognise that it is hard to select and trust a sub-contractor to work on important projects. Consequently, they go to great lengths to ensure from the outset that there is clarity and transparency in their approach to any project.

Belitsoft works hard to explain how they define the development processes and the communications process in considerable detail: The “Full Set Specifications and Communications Approach” is how Dmitry puts it. Belitsoft customers work with dedicated development teams who do the detail with an aim to delight their customers and offer a little bit extra as well. Not quite under promise and over deliver, more keep the promise and provide some more.

Learn more about this excellent elearning outsourcing company on the Belitsoft website.