BP shock CIPD show by using mobile learning…

In an approach that breaks with many L&D traditions, the team at energy giant BP chose videos, checklists and games to deliver engaging learning to employees’ own mobile devices.

The thinking behind this was to make learning accessible at the point of need, in terms of timeliness or location.

Nick Shackleton-Jones, the firm’s director for online and informal learning, said the starting point was to ask the staff ‘how can we help?’.

From this we could work out what learning people needed, and wanted, to do their jobs better, he said.

One learning gap uncovered by this process was that many staff didn’t understand how the different parts of the business fitted together, from refining to drilling and logistics.

BP’s answer to this was not a traditional tutor-led 40-minute introduction course. Instead it created a stunning 3D aerial schematic of the business, clearly showing how each part fits together. Learners can click different areas to find out more with the option of watching a five-minute video animation explaining what it does.

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