How to Choose the Best eLearning Content Developer – Free Webinar

On May 23rd 2018 at 1.30pm UK time (BST), the award-winning online learning company, Aleido UK, and our Director and Lead eLearning Consultant, David Patterson, will be co-hosting a free webinar – How to Choose the Best Content Developer. Sign up here.

Choose the best elearning content developer

Most medium to large enterprises now use elearning to some extent to train their staff, making the content available 24/7 to disparate teams across multiple offices or even multiple countries.

The benefits of elearning also include reduced costs compared to hiring traditional trainers, a reduction in the disruption to staff from taking time out of the working day to attend face to face courses, and a greater level of learner analytics.

However, those potential benefits only become a reality if your content is engaging and fit for purpose.

eLearning has come a long way from text-based PowerPoint-style information presentations, with multimedia content and interactivity now quite commonplace. The bells and whistles may sound attractive, but how do you know it will actually deliver impact?

It can be tricky to know how to choose the best elearning content developer for your unique requirements when there are a growing number of companies out there – all promising amazing outcomes.

Within this webinar, David and the Aleido UK team will give some expert insights and cover topics that include:

  • Project Management Skills – does the provider have demonstrable expertise, tools and process in place to make things run efficiently?
  • Sector Experience – not necessarily a must-have, but existing understanding of your industry could well fast forward the process if they already know about the terminology and environment that you work within.
  • Communication Skills – elearning is not just a technical development process. There needs to be effective communication at various levels to ensure the requirements of all your stakeholders are gathered and met.
  • Clear Case Studies – not all a content developer’s projects will be on their website – especially if they have been providing white label outsourcing services on behalf of another training provider. However, you must be able to see and assess examples of the developers work that are somewhat relevant to your own project.
  • Quality Assurance – what process do they have in place to ensure your project will be delivered on-spec and to the highest standards? Do they have access to subject matter experts? If it’s a multilingual project, do they have access to native-speakers, as well as elearning translators?

We’ll be covering the above and much more.

If you are planning an elearning project, you will no doubt pick up some useful nuggets from this webinar that will help you to choose the best content developer for your needs.

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