Create eLearning LMS Review

If you’re looking for a modern, intuitive learning management system, then read our Create eLearning LMS review below. This is an accessible, attractive learning platform that is easy and efficient for any learner to use.


Create eLearning’s main strength is that it is intuitive. The user interface is made up of colourful blocks which show an overview of the learner’s progress. Any smartphone or tablet user will be immediately familiar with this.


This familiarity means that the modern learner immediately feels comfortable with the Create eLearning LMS and can navigate through its features. This is a huge advantage, as an issue we often see with Learning Management Systems is that they present the new learner with too much complex information which adds an unnecessary barrier to their learning.

A further advantage of Create eLearning’s familiar user interface is that it provides consistency throughout the different areas of the LMS. For example, the above screenshot shows the learner’s personalised dashboard, but once a user navigates through the other areas of the LMS they will find that they are laid out in a similar fashion, making the learner feel comfortable with the system.

This consistency again fosters a sense of familiarity, but it also means that once a learner gets to grips with Create eLearning LMS they can simply go off and take their courses without any unfamiliar features impeding their learning. By creating this consistency, the developers have greatly reduced the amount of learning a learner must achieve to operate their Learning Management System.

As we all know it can often be challenging to engage members of an organisation with learning. If an LMS requires the learner to learn to use the system before they even begin their elearning course, then this engagement becomes an even greater challenge, and can often lead to employees not completing their learning. By making their LMS inherently familiar and consistent, Create eLearning have made it significantly easier for a learner to use their Learning Management System, meaning that elearning courses taken through this LMS will see better user uptake and completion.

Course Creation

A current trend in elearning and Learning Management Systems is for user-generated elearning courses. The advantage of user-generated content is that, as it is created by a member of your organisation, it is ideally suited and relevant to other members of your organisation. Learning which is aligned to the specifics of your organisation will be more appropriate and therefore more engaging to your learners.

Create eLearning LMS includes a well developed Course Creation tool, which is a prominent feature of their LMS rather than an after-thought.

The course creation tool makes it simple for anyone to create a course by asking the author a series of comprehensible questions which, once all of the information is collected, are collated to produce a fully functioning elearning course.


An important aspect of user-created courses is the ability to collect digital content and use it to contribute to your elearning course. This ability enables course authors to build upon pre-created resources, such as company guidelines or instructions, YouTube videos, or sections of other elearning courses, to quickly construct a quality course, which uses the most appropriate digital content to create an original piece of learning.

Create eLearning LMS certainly caters for this ability as it allows a range of content formats to be collated, including SCORM.




An important aspect of any LMS is its reporting features. These features enable managers to view the statuses of learners and their course progress – reporting puts the ‘management’ in ‘Learning Management System’.

A good reporting function will provide detailed information on the progress of the system’s learners, but it will also be quick and easy to use, providing a manager with the information they need to know at a glance.


The Create eLearning LMS makes reported information extremely accessible by leveraging the immediacy of colourful and simple user interface. As shown in the first screenshot, learner and course statistics are bold and easily readable, and furthermore this information can all be presented in a graph-format to help with review and data analysis processes, and determining how effective your current training is. Reports can also be extracted as PDF or CSV files to facilitate offline data analysis. The manager also has the ability to view the date a learner started and finished a course.


Create eLearning LMS integrates with Customer Relationship Management systems such as Salesforce and Sugar. CRMs are often considered essential to modern business so it is great to see this feature, as it is not present in most LMS.

It can also play SCORM content.


Create eLearning LMS fits in with the needs of the modern learner as it is available online, offline, and on any mobile device, it is available anywhere.

Mobile compatibility is often taken as a given with LMS these days, but there are many which struggle with providing a genuinely mobile platform, and given the prevalence of mobile devices today it is an essential feature.

Work Rooms

The course work room is used by instructors to mark learner’s homework, answer questions and mark forms. The workroom also gives the instructor an overview of the learner’s progress and the number of learners enrolled on each of the courses.


Homework and Forms are marked by the instructor and scoring and feedback are issued back to the learner to assist with their self development. A history of work submitted for marking is also stored for the homework and forms sections.



Ready Made classes

Create eLearning offer clients the ability to purchase ready made classes from a library of courses supplied by external parties. The administrator will have access to the course library by navigating to the dashboard and reports section of the administration panel.


The administrator can simply choose the courses they are interested in and add them to a wishlist.

From this wishlist a member of the Create eLearning business development team will contact the administrator to discuss their needs. Once the discussion has taken place and costs are agreed the academy will be populated with the courses they have chosen.


The Create eLearning LMS is a modern learning platform that has evidently been built according to the needs of today’s learner. It omits a complex feature set in favour of an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, a robust but simple course creation tool, and excellent at-a-glance reporting. All of the necessary features are present, but by focusing their effort on these three extremely polished features, Create eLearning have created one of the most accessible LMS on the market.

We will be adding Create eLearning LMS as one of our reference LMS as a SaaS based offering as it has demonstrated both quality and utility at a very competitive price.

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