Cyber Crime Time course review – compelling cyber security training

In David’s Cyber Crime Time course review, he found immersive elearning that made this serious topic engaging, and even fun. Read more about this excellent, compelling cyber security training from imc Learning.

Cyber Crime Time elearning game

Cyber crime is a hot topic that is not cooling down. Indeed, all the indications are it is getting hotter and hotter, so it is a timely release from imc of an elearning game – Cyber Crime Time.

Cyber security training is probably the number one learning requirement of most organisations at present, and looks to stay that way in our view.

Here at Learning Light, when working for clients we have been asked to complete their in-house cyber security courses. We have also helped select cyber crime courses for a number of our clients.

While all the cyber security training we have seen have been worthy courses in addressing this very real scourge and threat to businesses, it is our view that the approach all too often adopted is one of preaching and being over prescriptive. This often results in pushback from learners.

So it is refreshing to take a cyber security course that offers a very different perspective ….one of a game with attitude, and Cyber Crime Time from imc is just that… a learning game with a plot and purpose.

Cyber security elearning scenarios

I really enjoyed taking this course and I found that I learnt something, instead of just being told something. I really do not want to spoil your fun, as yes this is a game and yes, it is freely available to take on a demo basis courtesy of imc.

So what should I tell you about Cyber Crime Time… the game? Well, this game turns the tables and you, my friend, the learner becomes the hacker. Well, trainee-hacker and your cyber crime time is spent learning all about hacking a corporate entity.

Learn to prevent hacking in this course

In short, you become a lot wiser about how hacking is carried out by cyber criminals and an awful lot wiser about how you can prevent yourself and your employer becoming a victim of cyber crime.

It really is a very clever approach that has been very well thought through by some smart learning designers.

Naturally as you would expect from imc, the game is very well produced and it comes with some nice and interesting twists and turns. I can assure you that the overall tone quickly draws you into this shadowy world.

The game play includes planning and executing a variety of cyber crimes from Phishing to Vishing as you seek to gain unauthorised entry to a large organisation.

Training in avoiding phishing and vishing

The games narrative is nicely judged with some humour alongside a layer of malevolent intent as you look for weaknesses in individuals’ behaviour and organisations procedures. You are presented with the chance to indulge in your own opportunistic side hustle as well.

This is not ethical hacking!

As an approach to raising awareness of cyber crime across an organisation, this game works. Engagement is designed in almost immediately and challenges are quickly presented.

Choices need to be made as information is provided about the techniques available as a scenario is presented. The player is assessing the scenario opportunity and the potential gullibility of the characters in making a move.

Cyber crime game based learning

Hacking doesn’t always work, but these are the type of situations that must keep IT security professionals awake at night.

Naturally, being a game, you can replay and choose different options and items from your hacker’s toolkit. To help you understand the types of each item in the toolkit there is some very useful information provided.

If we take malware for example, there is a clear explanation of the different types of malicious software available, and an example of what damage these programs can do.

Learn to prevent malicious software attacks

In this scenario, the damage WannaCry did across the world is the case in point.

You will no doubt be pleased to know that that there is also advice provided in how to defeat and protect yourself from malware (as there is for all the options that make up the hacker’s toolkit). It is these countermeasures that are deployed in the gameplay that go to make this game a thoroughly compelling experience.

So, a really welcome addition to the library of elearning that is addressing cyber security.

Play the game for free here, as well as learning about the low-cost business licences, offering great value for training employees and protecting your organisation.