Developments at Day One Create 20 eLearning Jobs in Yorkshire

Here we look at interesting developments at online learning company, Day One Technologies, and how new projects are creating 20 new elearning jobs in Yorkshire this year.

Day One eLearning Yorkshire

As they are based just up the M62 near Leeds and Wakefield, Day One in Batley is an elearning company in Yorkshire that we have watched with great interest. One of the reasons is that they bring true innovation to the market. They have in-house expertise in learning psychology and process, combined with the technical expertise to create solutions that really make online learning more effective.

Day One have long been a major provider of finance elearning and call centre training solutions, with notable clients including the likes of Lloyds Bank, Co-op, TSB and many more well-known companies. Their creation of highly effective scenario and simulation based training systems has been an important part of this success over the last two decades.

However, they are now also helping other sectors to benefit from their services, including healthcare, with an interesting new elearning project Scottish Government and NHS Scotland creating training to help reduce patient waiting times. The processes involved draws on ‘Queuing Theory‘, which has been shown to reduce emergency patient waiting times and delivery of care.

Fellow West Yorkshire elearning company, Virtual College, also announced a collaboration with Day One to deliver simulation training solutions to a wider audience and help more companies to replicate their EPOS, CRM or HR systems.

eLearning Job Vacancies at Day One

The result of the above and other new projects won this year has led to the following new job vacancies available at Day One:

  • Senior Instructional Designer
  • eLearning Content Developer (multiple positions)
  • Assistant Storyboard Developer (multiple positions)
  • Account Manager
  • Web Developer

Learn more about each position on the Day One Technologies Careers page.

More About Day One Technologies

Day One is a bespoke elearning solutions provider, so are much more a service-based company as opposed to product-focused. They create custom elearning content, and their own LMS is a modular solution that starts with a very lean system, which is then built up to add functionality according to the needs of each client – so without the bloat and distraction of anything unnecessary.

Established in 1997, the company’s longevity and continued success are down to the long-term partnerships it creates with each client.

Their solutions include bespoke elearning content development, modular learning management systems, ‘eRoleplay’ to enable peer to peer practice scenarios, simulation based training, and translation / multilingual solutions for international projects.

Visit the website at to learn more about their services.

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