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Define and Determine

Learning Light’s Define and Determine workshops are a great way to start an elearning project. 

During a Learning Light workshop we will share with you our evolved consultancy methodology; how to Define and Determine your elearning project.


Where to begin……..

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Our business analysis session will show you how to build a business case for your e-learning project that is more than just Return on Investment.
Our experts will show you how to set metrics that matter including:
• Impact upon the business
• Impact upon the learner
• Impact upon the learning and development function
You are shown how to do this by using our evolved methodology including strategic score cards and balanced score cards.



All our workshops our carefully configured with you to meet your specific needs.
Why not work with us to customise your Workshop to reflect your industry sector or focus.
Learning Light has researched the learning requirements of many different industry sectors, as well how elearning can support marketing campaigns, internal communications and change programmes
For example our workshops have proved hugely popular when aligning e-learning to consumer marketing.
You will understand how to define and determine an elearning project that meets your needs.
Learning Light workshops…..showing you how: