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Learning Light showing you how to succeed with elearning


​Learning Light’s Deploy workshop is a great way to ensure a successful roll out of an elearning project 

During a Learning Light workshop we will share with you our evolved consultancy methodology; how to successfully Deploy your elearning project.

Our business analysis session will show you how to achieve the outcomes that were set at the define and determine stage.

Our experts will show you how to:

• Engage with learner needs

• Manage the learning environment

• Ensure accessibility and responsiveness

You are shown how to do this by using our evolved methodology.

Delivery Triangle

All our workshops our carefully configured with you to meet your specific needs.

Workshops can look at deploying:

• Formal learning

• Mobile learning

• Informal learning

• Social learning


Learning Light workshops…..showing you how: Define and DetermineDesign and Develop and Deploy

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