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elearning workshops

Learning Light showing you how to succeed with elearning

​Design and Develop

During a Learning Light workshop we will share with you our evolved consultancy methodology; how to Design and Develop your elearning project.

Why not work with us to customise your Workshop to reflect your industry sector or focus.

Learning Light has researched the learning requirements of many different industry sectors, as well how elearning can support marketing campaigns, internal communications and change programmes.
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These workshops can be tailored to meet your requirements and can cover Design and Develop techniques for:

• Bespoke elearning

• Rapid elearning

• Mobile elearning for smartphones, i-pads and tablets

• Gaming and system simulation

You can learn how to use “Successive Approximation” – the most effective elearning development methodology we know, devised by Michael Allen, which will lead to the most effective and successful deployment or your elearning project.

You will also learn how to best work with Subject Matter Experts and how to incorporate different types of elearning.

You will also be shown how to create engaging and effective elearning using authoring tools, including Lectora, Jackdaw and Quick Lessons.

Marketing professionals can also be shown how elearning can underpin effective marketing campaigns.

Putting it all context, what devices to deliver your elearning on? What genre of elearning to use? This workshop will ensure you make the right decisions.

Learning Light workshops…..showing you how: Define and DetermineDesign and Develop and Deploy elearning. 

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