Developing Management Talent: eLearning Course from elconsulting

Developing Management Talent is a new elearning course developed by Judith Elliott – a very knowledgeable HR professional who works with some of the UK’s leading organisations, including law firms, tech firms and universities.

Management training company elconsulting

Judith leads elconsulting and she and her team have put together a very modern online learning programme of 10 modules that include high-impact videos, tests and assessments, learning resources and online coaching sessions. I get the impression Judith is on a mission to improve managerial skills wherever managers are – at home, in the office or on the move.

High-Quality, Video-Based Scenarios

The modules are cleverly designed and will appeal to those stepping up to be a manager and take responsibility for having those “less than easy” conversations with members of their team, with such modules as How to Give Feedback or How to Manage Performance Effectively. The modules offer high quality video-based scenarios that really impact and provide tools and techniques to support a manager to do this to the best effect.

To those managers who have been in post for a time, do not dismiss these modules as being just for newbie managers, they most certainly are not. Some of the videos are spine tinglingly accurate and will certainly engender self-reflection… “am I like that?” … “that’s not me…is it?”.

Well, now there is an opportunity to up your game and develop your management talent and add new techniques to your team leading, reflecting the difficult times we live in.

Timely Training for Remote Work & Change Management

Judith and team have recognised that the workplace is changing and there are some very pertinent modules in the collection: How to Manage People During ChangeHow to Manage Remote Performance and The 7 Critical Success Factors for Managing Remote Teams. As we noted above, Judith is on a mission to improve managerial skills wherever managers are and this type of approach is needed by managers more than ever.

This is a powerful solution of 10 topics, each addressed as a standalone unit, but incorporating the expertise that comes from elconsulting which is clear to see from the videos through to the resources, plus the opportunity to have 2 two-hour group coaching sessions with one of elconsulting’s expert coaches. Learners can email tutors directly and can also use the community discussions and posts to communicate with peers to share ideas and experiences.

The whole solution has been packaged up into a “turnkey” offer with elconsulting setting up an LMS partition for you (with your own branding for a small extra fee), enrolling the learners, managing their progress with emails and reminders (you can do this yourself if you wish as well) through to delivering certificates. elconsulting will send monthly reports as well.

In Summary: Well-Designed eLearning from Expert Coaches

There is a lot to like with these courses. They are well-designed and well thought through, as they come from absolute experts in this field of developing management talent. They offer engagement with community discussions and real live coaching sessions with professional coaches.

The courses can be taken in whatever order you the learner desires. The LMS powering them is easy and intuitive to use, tracking your progress and keeping you informed of where you are.

The licence is for 12 months for the full 10 courses and comes in at £250.00 per person. In our view that is good value as you get high impact videos, resources and checklists, tutor support and 2 hours of expert online coaching… all built for the changed workscape we find ourselves in today.

You can take a free course here and see for yourselves:

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