eLearning Companies in Denmark

Below are details of elearning companies in Denmark, who offer a range of products and services, including LMS solutions, training content, and simulation development.

These Danish elearning providers can help you with delivering employee onboarding, online health and safety training, regulatory / legal compliance, leadership development and more.


Eurekos LMS

Eurekos LMS is a comprehensive learning management system designed to cater to the unique needs of customer and partner training, extending beyond the capabilities of traditional employee training platforms.

Eurekos LMS for extended enterprise learning

It is highly intuitive for both administrators and users, minimizing the learning curve and facilitating rapid onboarding, e-commerce, certifications, unlimited branded portals, mobile learning, and just-in-time content delivery.

Eurekos prides itself on being a trusted advisor to its users, offering an integrated course authoring tool that empowers the creation of rich courses and resources directly within the LMS​​.

The Eurekos LMS is particularly noted for its ease and speed of content creation and management, integrating features such as H5P for creating interactive content, responsive web design for seamless viewing across devices, and efficient project management tools for collaboration. Eurekos has built a strong reputation for managing volatile content effectively, allowing easy updates, cloning, and re-purposing of courses. It also provides comprehensive learner analytics with built-in xAPI and SCORM tracking, making it easier to monitor and assess learner progress​​.

In her Eurekos LMS review, Laura Gibbs notes the following key strengths in this learning platform:

  • Native elearning authoring capability
  • Strong e-commerce features
  • Flexible learning pathways
  • Sophisticated adaptive learning
  • Impressive learning asset management
  • Quick content translation
  • In-depth reporting capabilities

Eurekos offers robust e-commerce solutions, enabling the sale of courses online with features such as coupons, discounts, bundles, multiple currencies, and integration with payment providers like PayPal and Stripe. This functionality is geared towards monetizing training and content, providing an easy-to-use platform for both customers and admins​​.

The platform supports unlimited branded portals for external clients, making it an ideal solution for both small training companies and large enterprises. It requires a minimum of 50 active users per month, offering flexibility through an active user licensing model. This model only charges for users who log in within a given month, offering cost-effective scalability for organizations with varying user engagement levels​​.

Eurekos stands out for its native authoring capabilities, allowing for easy creation and deployment of interactive micro-learning assets without the need for external authoring tools. It supports a wide range of learning pathways and is designed with a focus on customer education, boasting a strong e-commerce solution that caters to the complexities of selling and managing learning content online​​.

Headquartered in Denmark, Eurekos is becoming a truly global elearning company, with clients in the US, UK and Asia, as well as across Scandinavia.

For more detailed information, you can visit the Eurekos LMS website and explore their offerings and how they can transform your customer and partner training programs​.



eloomi, founded in 2015 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a private company that has developed a comprehensive learning management platform. This platform is designed to offer a wide range of learning and development solutions, including employee training, onboarding, compliance training, content authoring, performance management, and skills development. Eloomi serves various industries such as software, finance, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare, emphasizing its versatility and broad applicability​​.

The platform is celebrated for its simplicity and effectiveness in facilitating the growth of companies worldwide by training and developing their people, teams, and culture. eloomi prides itself on its user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS) tools combined with innovative Learning Experience Platform (LXP) capabilities, aiming to make learning and development a seamless and impactful process​​.

eloomi’s solutions extend across various functional areas and roles within an organization, addressing needs in HR & Talent, Learning & Development, Customer Success, Sales Enablement, Product & Marketing Teams, and External Enterprise.

The platform’s features support a wide array of use cases, from employee and frontline training to compliance training, content authoring, upskilling & reskilling, people development, customer education, and partner enablement. Additionally, eloomi introduces AI assistance to streamline the creation of custom learning content and to provide learning and skills recommendations​​.

Part of Dayforce, eloomi has established itself as a key player in the e-learning and enterprise software sectors. The company’s mission extends beyond business success, aiming to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, contribute to green business goals, and actively engage in CSR initiatives aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals​​.

For more detailed information on eloomi and its offerings, you can visit their official website at eloomi.com.



Labster, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a pioneering company that offers a platform for virtual labs and science simulations. Founded in 2011, Labster has dedicated itself to revolutionizing science education by making it accessible, engaging, and effective through immersive virtual laboratory simulations. These simulations cover various scientific disciplines, including life science, biology, and biotechnology, and are designed to support education at high schools and universities across the globe.

The company was co-founded by Michael Bodekaer Jensen and Mads Tvillinggaard Bonde, driven by a shared passion for leveraging emerging technologies and gaming to enhance science education. The founders were motivated by the challenges students faced in staying engaged and prepared for lab work, envisioning a solution that could offer an interactive and engaging learning experience similar to flight simulator training but for science education.

Today, Labster is trusted by over 1,800 educational institutions worldwide, with more than 900,000 active students and over 9 million played simulations, illustrating the platform’s wide-reaching impact and effectiveness in enhancing student success both inside and outside of the classroom. Labster is committed to evidence-based simulation-based training solutions focused on student outcomes, utilizing the power of immersive learning to equip students with the necessary tools to succeed in their scientific endeavors.

With offices in Copenhagen and additional locations globally, including the United States, Indonesia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, Labster continues to expand its reach and impact in the field of science education.

For more detailed information about Labster and its mission to transform science education, you can visit their website at www.labster.com


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