eLearning Companies in Norway

Below are details of elearning companies in Norway, who offer a range of products and services, including elearning courses, custom content, instructional design, LMS solutions and mobile application development. These Norwegian elearning providers can help you with delivering online health and safety training, regulatory / legal compliance and more.

Braincraft is a Norwegian elearning company that provide course content, LMS and support and operation of the systems.

Møllergata 4
0179 Oslo
Tel 40 00 37 85
Email: firmapost@braincraft.no


Norsk Interaktiv provide end-to-end elearning solutions. They provide content production, authoring tools, a LMS and support.

Kristiansand (headquarters):
Kjøita 42
4630 Kristiansand
Tel: (+47) 38 12 34 56


Mintra provide a number of elearning solutions with elearning courses, a learning management system, an authoring tool and competence managment.

Storgata 1
P.O. Box 8945 Youngstorget
N-0028 Oslo
Tel: + 47 24 15 55 00


Bonnier elearning are creators of web-based teaching content that aims to make in-business training more efficient and cost effective.

Bonnier e-learning
Øvre vollgate 6
0158 Oslo
Tel: 22 04 72 00
Email: info@bonnierbusinessforum.no


Webanywhere eLearning Services Norway, provide internet learning and web solutions for businesses, education, charities and the public sector. Webanywhere offer customizable Moodle solutions, are TotaraLMS gold partners and offer their own Learnanywhere LMS. Furthermore they offer web-design (in popular platforms such as Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress) and e-portfolios services.

Tel: +44 (0)1535 604023


It’s Learning are a Norwegian company, with headquarters in Bergen, that develops an LMS  for use in schools and higher education. It is has features such as help centre, tutorials and mobile login. The system provides a venue for communication and cooperation, as well as a tool for the management and evaluation of students.

itslearning AS
P.B. 2686
Tel: 55 23 60 70


PedIT is a Norwegian developed læringsplattform or LMS (Learning Management System). It was developed by Norsk Nettskole AS in Volda. PedIT is a website that helps to facilitate distance learning by fostering communication and collaboration between users. By 2010 PedIT was used in primary schools in 40 municipalities. In addition to their LMS and Personal Learning Environment (PLE) PedIT also offer website solutions to schools, classes and individuals.

Tel: 70 05 61 40
Email: post@norsknettskole.no

elearning centre by Learning Light is an international provider of elearning courses ideally suited for the Norwegian market.

Elearning centre offers a comprehensive range of curated and evaluated on-line courses.

The video elearning courses include Leadership and Management, Selling Skills, Communication, Negotiation skills, Presentation skills, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, Health and Social Care, Business Improvement Techniques and Productivity plus open courses from Presentationtube.

elearning centre provides on-line learning materials for 70 20 10 learning for on-boarding and employee engagement and retention .

It also provides and a wide range of on-line language learning courses including teaching English for Polish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian) speakers, as well as multi-language on-line courses for English French, Spanish, German and Dutch speakers wishing to learn any of these languages.

Courses are available on-demand or with a dedicated or LMS or with an Enterprise License
elearning centre by Learning Light

Sheffield Technology Park
Arundel St
S1 2NS
0114 307 2357
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