eLearning Companies in Singapore

Below are details of elearning companies in Singapore, who offer a range of products and services, including elearning courses, custom content, instructional design, LMS solutions and mobile application development. These elearning providers in Southeast Asia can help you with delivering online health and safety training, regulatory / legal compliance and more.

eLearning companies in Singapore


Litespeed Education was founded in Singapore in 2000. The company provides a number of end-to-end elearning solutions such as its Dr Series Courseware and textbook e-resources. They also offer some games for learning and adaptive learning products as well as a virtual workspace.

Litespeed Education Pte Ltd
3791, Jalan Bukit Merah
E-Centre, #09 – 21
Singapore 159471
Tel: +65 6837 0024


Inchone were founded in 2000 and are a provider of online learning and training systems. Inchone offer a number of product solutions: i3Corporate, an LMS for corporate enterprises; i3Campus, an LMS for educational establishments; i3Waves, a web-based academic and student management system; i3Assessment, online testing and assessment; and other elearning software.

Inchone Pte Ltd
750C Chai Chee Road #02-01
Singapore 469003
Tel: (65) 6441 4478


Webanywhere eLearning Services Singapore, provide online learning and web solutions for businesses, education, charities and the public sector. Webanywhere offer customizable Moodle solutions, are TotaraLMS gold partners and offer their own Learnanywhere LMS. Furthermore they offer web-design (in popular platforms such as Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress) and e-portfolios services.

Tel: +44 (0) 1535 604026


Wizlearn Technologies (formerly ASKnLearn) is an elearning provider. They offer LMSs (Learning Management Systems) for educational (Asknlearn™) and corporate (Athenaeum) use as well as multimedia content (Smartclass™) , training and games for learning.

10 Science Park Road,
#03-13 The Alpha,
Singapore Science Park II,
Singapore 117684
Tel: +65 6776 2013
Email: sales@wizlearn.com


Three Learning, founded in 2005, are focused on providing elearning to schools, corporate organizations, government agencies and higher education establishments. The offer the Profound Learning System or PLSystem as their main product.

164 Bukit Merah
Central 03-3649
Singapore 150164
Tel: +65 6377 0190


Verztec aim to deliver end-to-end learning solutions to their clients. They offer corporate on line training for businesses to educate their staff and have developed an online library of blended learning content. They also provide the Verztec Learning Management System (LMS) alongside learning content and learning content localization.

10 Jalan Besar
#16-02Sim Lim Tower
Singapore 208787
Tel: +65 6577 4646
Email: singapore@verztec.com


Marshall Cavendish Online (formerly known as Learning EDvantage) are an elearning provider based in Singapore. They provide schools with curriculum based online learning content for both Primary and Secondary. The also have their own Learning Management System. MC Online can also provide schools with ICT training.

MC Online Pte Ltd
1 New Industrial Road
Times Centre
Singapore 536196
Tel: +65 6285 8616
Email: info@mconline.org