eLearning Companies in Switzerland

Below are details of elearning companies in Switzerland, who offer a range of products and services, including elearning courses, custom content, instructional design, LMS solutions and mobile application development. These Swiss elearning providers can help you with delivering online health and safety training, onboarding, regulatory / legal compliance, staff development and more.

BWL Institut Basel was founded in Switzerland in 1999. The Betriebswirtschaftliches Institut und Seminar Basel is a privately owned institute of further education offering a wide range of practical, efficient study courses.

BWL Institut Basel

Their practice-oriented Intensive Courses in Business Administration are organised as distance learning and include all the important knowledge around Business Administration. Participants learn how to apply their newly gained skills in practice for the benefit of their company and receive a very strong base from which to follow their management career.

Dr. Ralf Andreas Thoma
Telefon +41 (0)61 261 2000
Telefax +41 (0)61 261 6636
E-Mail thoma@bwl-institut.ch

Betriebswirtschaftliches Institut & Seminar Basel AG
Wartenbergstrasse 9
4052 Basel
www.business-education.ch – English language version
www.bwl-institut.ch – German language version

E-teach provide custom online training scenarios and were founded in 1999 with a head office in Switzerland. They have an exclusive focus on designing, implementing and developing elearning courses and systems. E-teach offer ChallengeMonitor which is a ‘challenge platform’ designed to bring out a competitive element in its users. The e-teachServer is their Learning Management System for the distribution, monitoring and organization of online training courses. The e-teach Q-Player is for the making and distribution of online e-quizzes. E-teach provide tailor made, Rapid Learning, mobile-learning, hosting and serious game solutions.

e-teach Sàrl
Chemin de l’Esparcette 4
1023 Crissier
Tel: +41 24 557 75 67
Email: info@e-teach.ch

Cegos Swiss manage both local and global learning and training programmes. Cegos Swiss was founded in 2002 and has offices in Basel and Geneva. The company has expertise in seminar facilitation, animation and coaching. Cegos offer a number of training solutions including, in company training, open courses, bespoke training, face to face training, e-learning, and blended learning. They have over 200 elearning modules available in eight languages.

Cegos Swiss AG
Falknerstrasse 334001
Tel: +41 61 264 90 00
Cegos Swiss SA
6, Place des Eaux-Vives
1207 Geneva
Tel: +41 22 735 74 20

elearning centre by Learning Light is an international provider of elearning courses for the Swiss market. Elearning centre offers a comprehensive range of curated and evaluated on-line courses.The video elearning courses include Leadership and Management, Selling Skills, Communication, Negotiation skills, Presentation skills, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, Health and Social Care, Business Improvement Techniques and Productivity plus open courses from Presentationtube.elearning centre provides on-line learning materials for 70 20 10 learning for on-boarding and employee engagement and retention. It also provides and a wide range of on-line language learning courses including teaching English for Polish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian) speakers, as well as multi-language on-line courses for English French, Spanish, German and Dutch speakers wishing to learn any of these languages.Courses are available on-demand or with a dedicated or LMS or with an Enterprise License
elearning centre by Learning Light

Sheffield Technology Park
Suite 21
Arundel St
S1 2NS
0114 307 2357

aNewSpring recognises all learners are unique, with their own talents and learning strategies. But strangely, most courses are one-size-fits-all. Our adaptive learning platform lets you easily create and deliver personalized learning journeys that adapt to individual learners and let them blossom.250 clients have already trained over 500,000 learners using the aNewSpring platfrom.It is free to start using aNewSpring, only when you start to enroll learners we use a pay per use business model based on your success. The aNewSpring platform is feature rich but easy to use and offers blended-, social-, mobile- and adaptive learning including the innovative MemoTrainer. aNewSpring is configured to support training by effectively managing content to deliver the optimum blended learning solution. The platform is available internationally with partners in several countries around the world.

+31 (10) 2447460

Safety Media are a world class supplier of Health and Safety eLearning Solutions.  Enterprise eLearning from Safety Media consists of a robust, built for purpose risk management focused LMS as well as full access to over 90 health, safety and compliance titles, use of unique features such as the ability to deliver eLearning in a classroom type situation using smart technology as well as dedicated UK based support.  E-Fit eLearning is our SCORM compliant library of courses which can be added to any SCORM 1.2 compliant LMS using bespoke keys and SCORM Server.  Express eLearning is built specifically for smaller organisations who want to be up and running within days and allows access to a slimmed down version of the risk management LMS as well as full access to the course library.

With a solution for every requirement Safety Media is leading the field as far as Health & Safety eLearning is concerned.

+44(0)845 345 1703

Euro Advising provide elearning consultancy and solutions to businesses. They focus on banking, finance, international tax, learning, training and strategic planning.

Euro Advising sagl Switzerland
via Serafino Balestra 276900
Tel: +41 (0) 91 922-77-04
Email: info@euroadvising.com

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