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Showing you how to succeed with elearning

Specialist elearning consultancy Learning Light has the experts in online training and development. We have been helping organisations to succeed in implementing and maximising elearning since 2005.

Our elearning consultants work with you to “Define and Determine”, “Design and Develop” and “Deploy” elearning and learning technologies into your organisation.



Define and Determine

Our elearning experts help you define and determine your training and development requirements, building business cases and setting metrics that matter.

At the Define and Determine stage often we demonstrate to you how elearning works and what it looks like, we call this the “Art of the Possible”.

This is where, working with you the “Business Case” is created, it is more than just “Return on Investment”, it is about “Impact on the Business,” “Impact upon the Learner” and Impact upon the L&D department itself. These are the metrics that matter.

Creating a Request for Proposal or Quotation is really important and we can help you create these to get best value for money and right solution. This can be for selecting an authoring tool or learning management system.

We can advise on learning design as well.

The real advantage we bring is that we can wrap this all into a coherent, clear road map that commences at Define and Determine, moves through to Design and Develop and leads to the successful Deployment of your elearning project.

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Design and Develop

Learning Light designs elearning for operational and legislative requirements, system simulations, drills,tests and quizzes. We can also convert existing elearning, PowerPoint or paper content to engaging effective elearning.

We develop using rapid elearning tools or bespoke elearning development techniques, always working closely with you, we can develop for PC, Smartphone and Tablets.

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Delivery Triangle

Deploy your elearning successfully into the organisation, measure the metrics and overcome inertia in the organisation,using our integrated approach.

Working with you, Learning Light can ensure you succeed with an elearning initiative, we can act as your consultants or provide you with the tools and knowledge through our elearning workshop programme.

Learning Light…..showing you how: Define and Determine,  Design and Develop and Deploy elearning.

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