eLearning Courses for Waste Management

Learning Light, which is an approved training centre for WAMITAB Qualifications, has pioneered the use of elearning in the Waste Management industry. Addressing the WEEE Directive, we have partnered with industry training specialists Waste Training Limited to offer the following elearning courses:

An Introduction to Pollution Prevention
This elearning course provides an introduction to the principles of Pollution Prevention. It will be of value to those who wish to gain an understanding of how contaminants from a waste management site can pollute the land and water environment and what can be done to manage the associated risks.

Classification and Coding of Hazardous Wastes
This two-module elearning course provides an overview of the classification and coding of hazardous wastes and identifies the procedure to be followed when determining whether mirror-entries within the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) are hazardous or non-hazardous. Those completing this course should have an understanding of the priciples of classification and the steps that must be undertaken to fully classify mirror entries within the EWC.

Consignment Note Completion 
This new elearning course takes you through the information requirements of a hazardous waste consignment note on a step-by-step basis and also provides information on the process for allocating 6-digit codes from the European Waste Catalogue.

Continuing Competence 
This elearning training package has been designed to provide the information that will allow you undertake the Continuing Competence test with confidence. It is based on the WAMITAB syllabus and addresses the various elements in a structured programme; this splits the syllabus into a number of discreet modules and allows you to study for the test in a time effective and convenient manner and at your own pace.

Healthcare waste segregation for cost-efficient management
This newly updated two-module elearning course identifies the key characteristics of healthcare wastes and how to segregate them for cost-efficient management.

It is intended to help all those who manage/handle healthcare wastes to understand the colour-coding system so that wastes management can be undertaken safely, effectively and in a cost-efficient manner. It does not address issues relating to wastes definition, nor to the coding and classifying of wastes.

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For Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) training, we deliver courses in line with the WEEE Directive in the UK.
WEEE is often now called ‘e-waste’, and is a major issue for many organisations and the environment in general. This European directive now impacts on a range of businesses including the waste management and recycling industry and the retail industry.

These elearning materials can form the basis of a QCF Qualification at level 2 Recycling Operations WEEE and can also provide an introduction for a career in this growing industry segment.

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