eLearning questions and answers videos

Here you will find a number of short videos we have made answering some of the key elearning questions faced by many organisations.

David Patterson and Gill Broadhead present a series of short videos on choosing an LMS, how to go about Choosing Rapid Authoring Tools. In these videos Gill discusses deploying e-learning including learning governance and acessibility.

David interviews e-learning industry expert Rupert Abel talking about HTML5 and its importance to e-learning, The merits of web based e-learning development tools in comparison to system based tools, cloud based e-learning authoring, the Tin Can API and mobile learningconverting e-learning into APPS and the learner tracking issues. David and Rupert also discuss the merits of Articulate and PowerPoint in e-learning.

Heres the list of the videos for you:

Learning management systems (LMS)


LMS’s – requirements and LMS’s solutions

Choosing Rapid Authoring Tools, part 1 and part 2

Deploying e-learning


Learning governance for e-learning

Accessibility of e-learning



Articulate…the only way to manage PowerPoint?

Next generation e-learning authoring tools


Cloud based authoring tools

Web authoring of e-learning Vs e-learning authoring systems

Converting e-learning to Apps

Tracking web and naitive Apps

The Tin Can API and mobile learning

HTML5 coding in e-learning