eLearning for Sales Leadership Training – Top Solutions & Providers

If you’re looking for the best elearning for sales leadership training in your organisation, here we signpost some of the top solutions and providers.

Sourcing practical, engaging online learning for sales directors and managers can be a challenge. There are many providers for the standard management toolkit (delegation, team building, difficult conversations etc.) However, on this page we signpost resources available that are specific to sales management training.

We are looking at online solutions that:

  • Address the key areas sales managers have to manage (targets, incentives, commissions, recruitment, account strategy, sales process, sales methodologies etc)
  • Provide a true online learning experience, not ‘PowerPoint learning’
  • Can be adapted to different sales environments (products, services, simple, complex)

Many sales training firms provide a sales management programme in workshop or classroom format, and some companies have taken the core content and converted it to an online version.

Less common are firms who optimise online learning benefits with high quality sales management content.

Here is a selection of the best…


Pareto Law

Pareto Law have established a leading position within the sales recruitment and sales training intersection. They have developed a strong reputation for finding and upskilling sales staff. Pareto Law sales training has the strongest credentials in technology and manufacturing, but have experience in a variety of other sectors.

Sales training from Pareto Law

They have recently shifted their training approach to a blended approach based on their digital learning platform that supports classroom training. They also now run a session on remote sales management, which is delivered via a webinar format.



Launched in 2020, Kojopro is a new kid on the block for sales leaders’ online development. Built by the Kojo Academy, who are sales enablement specialists, Kojopro is a ‘digital-first’ training solution aimed solely at sales leaders.

Kojopro sales leadership development platform

In practice this means it can be accessed on any device easily and has a neat content access structure, so that users can get what they need when they need it. There is a self-assessed diagnostic to help users select the most relevant content.

This provides users with a smart target-priority system, cutting through less important content which can often bog down overly prescriptive learning ‘programmes’ or ‘curriculum’, and saves the user the hassle of wading through pages of content to find the specifics they are after.

The site has a good blend of mixed-media content, all of which is based on referenced, evidence based-sales methodologies. Users can create playlists to save important content for later. The range of sales management specific content is excellent, getting right into the detail of how to grow revenues.

The platform itself can also be customised to house and display specific content for specific organisations. It can also be fully branded and taken offline to provide an exclusive experience for sales leaders and their teams.



Imparta provide a curriculum of training materials that can help boost sales results based on its 3D advantage approach. The Imparta sales leadership learning content has been developed using research-based methodologies and covers all the key areas you would expect for sales organisations.

eLearning for sales leadership training from Imparta

The 3D Advantage Change Process helps guide sales organisations into best practice and offer training sessions in how to deliver this process to specific organisations.

Imparta offer a novel ‘TaaS’ system (training as a service) for combining instructor led programmes with accompanying eLearning material. Their i-Coach system is designed to help learners access content in the field, and to reinforce training delivered in workshops.

Virtual training for sales managers is offered via a combination of webinars and e-Cards to support key concepts.



Providers of the famous SPIN selling model that has been so widely adopted across multiple sectors, Huthwaite have also ventured online. For its core methodology, Huthwaite provide sophisticated on-line solutions to help coach the implementation of SPIN.

Huthwaite International

The organisation also provide a SPIN coaching programme aimed at sales managers.

As would expect for a company of the size and reputation of Huthwaite, digital learning solutions are slick and aligned well to SPIN. At present, there does not seem to be a full range of tools for sales managers beyond the implementation of SPIN.


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