eLearning for Sport – First Media’s Work with the FA, IOC and Premier League

Here we look at some impressive work that First Media have been doing in creating elearning for sport organisations / governing bodies. Specifically, their bitesize learning and interactive elearning development for the Football Association (FA), International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Premier League.

Since their foundation back in 1999, First Media have earned a national reputation for developing modern, interactive and highly engaging elearning courses for some of the biggest organisations in the sporting world and a growing number of global brands.

While First Media work with organisations large and small across multiple sectors, in this article we spotlight their work with some of the biggest names in UK and global sport:


The FA

Equality and diversity training for the FA

First Media started out developing educational CD-ROMs, and one of their first projects was a course for the FA about the laws of the game. 20 years on and First Media still have a strong working relationship with England’s leading football body.

Working alongside the FA’s Safeguarding team they developed an Equality & Diversity module to tackle the sensitive subject, its issues and impact on the game. The challenge was to produce online learning that would challenge, educate and inspire coaches to change attitudes and behaviours.

Through illustration, video and interactive scenarios, learners were taken through a series of personal accounts from players, coaches and officials that they could identify and empathise with. The course has been successfully delivered to more than 50,000 people and proved to be highly effective in improving the knowledge and attitudes of coaches in football.


English Premier League

Health and safety elearning for the Premier League

Along with their work with the FA, they have also delivered various eLearning projects for the Premier League. They built an online course to educate and inform Premier League Scholars about Equality & Diversity, Health & Safety and Anti-Doping.

Having created many eLearning courses for young people before, First Media knew the content had to be fun, interactive and include plenty of bite-sized modules to encourage engagement. They went with a comic book style, with vibrant designs and large fonts throughout and also included ‘awards’ for learner when they complete certain stages of the learning to mirror the technique widely used in the gaming world. Thousands of Premier League Elite Academy Scholars from all over the country have completed this module.


International Olympic Committee (IOC)

Injury prevention training for the IOC

First Media recently developed an interactive course covering health and wellbeing for the International Olympic Committee, designed to educate female athletes around the world. First Media were able to work with sport and health experts from all over the world to create 13 tailored learning modules on subjects ranging from Bone Health and Nutrition to Sexual Harassment and Injury Prevention.

The course was successfully launched at the Winter Youth Olympics in Lillehammer and helped to inform thousands of athletes and coaches from around the world.


eLearning Development for All Sectors

Despite their successes in the sporting world, the skills and knowledge of their in-house team of web designers and eLearning specialists aren’t limited to sport. In fact, within the last 12 months they have seen a growth in demand for online courses from organisations in various sectors.

They developed a brand induction module for SAKS Hair & Beauty, aimed at welcoming new starters and introducing them to what it means to be part of their organisation, a training portal designed to support Veterinary Professionals and a series of custom-built courses to update the in-house safety training of a global aviation brand. All in all, it’s a very encouraging time for these elearning specialists, as company Director Shane Traill explains.

We’re really proud of our world class eLearning content… that doesn’t cost the world!

Every day we’re collaborating with some of the biggest organisations in the UK on various projects, but our goal is to develop into a truly global company that has an impact on people’s learning journey’s all over the world

And the recipe for First Media’s success? According to Shane, it’s simple but important one:

We’ve developed a really strong team of individuals who are passionate about creating high-quality learning – and that comes across in the online courses we produce.

Although First Media’s team may be a small, pound for pound, the expertise they have in-house will rival competitors in the elearning industry. Each member of the team has more than a decade’s experience creating elearning courses at the time of writing. They know a great deal about custom builds, interactive design and gamification.

First Media take great pride in offering their clients a personalised service. They take the time to get to know their clients, hear their problems first-hand and work out a way together of solving them.

If you’re looking for an elearning specialist with a proven track record in delivering top-notch online learning but with personal service that allows for collaboration, First Media are certainly worth considering for your shortlist.

For more information go to firstmedia.co.uk or
give them a call on +44 (0)1507 607 783.

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