Top eLearning Video Production Companies

Here we look at some of the top elearning video production companies, creating and delivering engaging content for online education and training.

These providers can create elearning videos for employee engagement, leadership development, health and safety training, technology / software tutorials, company onboarding, how-to guides and more.


Magneto Films

Magneto provide elearning video production for corporate training, as well as online learning for the public sector, education providers and charities.

Magneto Films video production

Magneto Films specialises in making videos that have a uniquely personal and intimate feel. They work to insire emotion and action.

Their skills, style and values come directly from the founders’ training as film makers for the BBC and Channel 4.

163 Herne Hill Road
SE24 9LR

Tel: 020 7274 2986


Day One & Synima

Day One is one of the best-established elearning companies in the UK, having been founded in 1997. Since then, they’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, such as Amazon, the NHS, Lloyds Bank, Linde, Mercedes Benz and many more.

Healthcare video production from Day One & Synima

To enhance their offering around elearning video production, they’ve partnered with Synima – a leading video production company with a global presence.

Both companies have an impressive client list in Healthcare, Finance and Retail in particular. Check out what they have to offer for healthcare training and communications for example here:


Bold Content Video

Bold make videos and animations from scripting through to distribution.

Bold Content Video Ltd

Bold Content is a London based video production company with an in-house team of film specialists who can manage the process from concept through to completion and distribution.

Unit 27, City Business Centre
St Olav’s Court
Lower Road
SE16 2XB

Tel: 020 3637 1467


Shy Guys

Shy Guys is an outsourced elearning animation studio that partners with online education and training companies. They can help you to create amazing animated videos for your clients’ courses.

Shy Guys elearning animations

Shy Guys Studios is a full-service animation and visual content studio based in Bristol, UK. They specialise in 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, illustration and CGI. They’re also a tight-knit team of creatives who believe in the power of animation.

Old Market Studios
68 Old Market Street

Tel: 0117 251 0001



Epipheo specialises in producing elearning courses for businesses, nonprofits and thought-leaders. They use animation, live action and learning management systems to educate your audience in a fun, engaging way. Epipheo has created over 1000 educational videos, as well as full-length courses for their clients.

Epipheo elearning videos

They find the most important thing about you and your organisation, and work hard to focus on and showcase that.

700 West Pete Rose Way
OH 45203

Tel: 888 687 7620

If you’re looking for a top elearning video production agency, then one of the companies above should do a great job for your project.


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