Energy Industry Training & eLearning: Oil & Gas / Renewables

Up to date training for the Oil & Gas / Renewable Energy industry has always been a challenge as this is a sector that is constantly changing. Such persistent volatility, discussed in this article from the FT in October 2019, makes elearning for the energy industry ideal, as it helps companies to be agile, delivering revised training to large, often highly dispersed, workforces, in line with their shifting priorities.

Training and elearning for the energy industry


Multiple Challenges

It’s more than just the price of a barrel. New technologies and environmental regulations are just two of the many changes that continue to reinvent the industry. Because of this, it is important for companies to ensure that they are adapting to changes, while remaining proactive on an ongoing basis if they want to get to or remain at the leading edge of the industry. You can do this by providing great training for your organisation’s employees, whether they work in Business or Technical roles.

Within the oil and gas, and renewable energy sector, solutions other than traditional training are becoming more and more important. eLearning can provide a convenient training method because people in this industry are often very mobile and / or working offshore. Oil fields are often in remote locations, travel is common, and teams are often multilingual, but this shouldn’t limit an organisation’s ability to learn and grow. Distance education and training is critical to business success in such a competitive market.


Expert Training Companies

Because your training strategy will likely include both traditional training and elearning, you can either look for a provider with experience in both (so you’ve got one-stop-shopping) or you can hire different companies to help with each type of training.

Below you’ll find some of the best traditional training providers for the oil & gas and renewable energy industry in the UK and the US, as well as profiles of leading providers of elearning content development, online courses, and learning management systems (LMS).


UK Provider – ASET International Oil & Gas Training Academy

Aberdeen Skills and Enterprise Training Ltd (ASET) provides multifaceted skills training that works for both the Upstream and Downstream Oil and Gas industries. Their training can apply to all levels of employee, whether they’re new entrants to the field, or seasoned, job-ready veterans.

UK based, ASET uses qualified and experienced training personnel on a live replicated Oil and Gas Production Training Platform. Their award-winning training is in-depth, professional and more advanced than most other training providers in the UK.

They offer a number of different course options, including the following:

  • Emergency Response Training
  • Electrical and ‘EX’ Training
  • Health and Safety Training
  • Oil and Gas Technician Training
  • Marine and Radiotelephony Training
  • Assessor and Verifier Qualifications

For more about ASET International Oil & Gas Training Academy, visit


US Traditional Training Provider – PEICE

Based in Houston, Texas, PEICE also offers courses in Denver, CO, Calgary, Canada, and London, UK. They provide courses of one to five days’ duration to all sectors of the petroleum industry, upstream, midstream, and downstream. They have trained over 40,000 oil and gas professionals since 1998, and offer respected and knowledgeable experts as instructors.

Some of their many course options include the following:

  • Geoscience
  • Petroleum/Reservoir Engineering
  • Drilling & Well Construction
  • Production/Completions Engineering
  • Facility Engineering & Surface Operations
  • Refinery Operations
  • Unconventionals, Heavy Oil & Oil Sands

For more about PEICE, visit


eLearning Development in the UK – Day One Technologies

Established in 1997, Day One Technologies is one of the top content development companies in the UK and are well-placed to create elearning for the oil & gas / energy sector.

They have served some of the UK and Europe’s leading brands, with solutions that include:

  • Learning Consultancy & Strategy
  • Bespoke eLearning Content
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Scenario Based Training
  • Realistic System Simulations

Read about their work creating elearning for industrial gas company, BOC to support their work in home oxygen therapy for care homes.


Content Developers in India – Learnnovators

Established in 2003 and headquartered in India, “the Learnnovators” pride themselves on reaching the cutting edge in the world of learning. They try to create innovative solutions to help your organisation implement the best elearning programmes on the market. With a simple mantra of “Learn. Innovate.”, the Learnnovators specialise in a number of services within the elearning world, including:

  • Custom eLearning
  • Rapid eLearning
  • Mobile Learning
  • “Gamified” Learning
  • Blended Learning

The Learnnovators specialise in a wide range of domains, including the oil and gas industry. For more information about the Learnnovators, visit


Online Course Provider – Oilennium

Oilennium, headquartered in the UK, but with satellite offices in the US and the UAE, is one of the world’s leading elearning providers for the oil and gas industry. They pride themselves on their in-depth industry knowledge, which leads to the creation of some of the best elearning available.

Some of the key products and services that Oilennium provides are as follows:

  • Animations/Digital Video
  • Tailor-Made Courses
  • Classroom/Instructor Led Training
  • Library Courses
  • LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Simulators
  • The ConTainer (Offshore LMS)
  • Translation Services
  • Training Consultants

You can find out more about Oilennium and their industry-leading elearning programmes at

We have also curated over 40 e-learning courses from Oilennium over at e-Learning Centre.


LMS Provider – Safety Services Company

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, the Safety Services Company is a leading provider of safety and compliance training services. One of these is their Oil & Gas Learning Management System, which provides coverage of the 19 basic hazards of the oil and gas industry.

Their programme aims for simplicity, and an employer only needs to enter employees’ information into the system, and then assign the training, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Safety Services Company preaches three major advantages of delivering training through an LMS, which are accessibility, cost, and engagement.

Learn more about Safety Services Company and their LMS platform by visiting


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