How we select elearning courses for this site

There are many thousands of elearning courses and elearning videos available on the internet for you to select, however, not all of them meet our high standards.

To meet our standards they must be both engaging and effective.

So here at Learning Light (the operators of this site and www. we only choose to list courses that meet our high standard and here is how we do it…..

We use a defined methodology based on the work of Michael Allen called “Objectives X Treatment Matrix”.

From this methodology we have developed an objective way of assessing how good an e-learning course or elearning video really is.

We call our tool e-LCET that stands for e-learning Content Evaluation Tool, and on a course we evaluate we will measure up to 128 data points to really see if the materials meet our standards.

This approach begins with us understanding the Objectives of the course and the e-learning context used in the course and then looking closely at the e-learning activity designed into the course. This takes us some time, but we know it helps us select only the best e-learning courses on the market.

If the objectives are clear, the context appropriate and the activity well designed we know that the course will meet your learning requirements as it will be engaging effective e-learning!

A word about our elearning video collection

You can learn more about how excited we are with our recent addition of over 700 excellent videos from eJ4 on our video campus and the absolutely unique collection of scenario videos from e-LT around having difficult conversations. You can buy these courses directly from our Course Shop in small bundles that wont break the bank.

We are confident enough to offer a free 14 day trial on any of the elearning videos we offer.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Try before you  Buy…… 

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