Financial Services elearning Content and LMS – Client Case Study

Learning Light was engaged to project manage the procurement of an LMS and development of 12 elearning modules for a financial services organisation.

Financial services elearning

Industry Environment & Challenges

Our client realised that with ever-changing financial services regulations, many of its employees and associates needed to be regularly trained and certified to meet new requirements.


Client Situation

The company had engaged a web development company to develop an LMS and create content for them. This project was not progressing due to a range of difficulties in establishing needs for the bespoke LMS and in developing content.


Client’s Needs / Expectations

The client needed the project expedited quickly as the window of opportunity for meeting accreditation requirements was closing.


Learning Light’s Proposed Solution 

Learning Light offered to take over the project management to ensure an LMS and content library was delivered as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.


Why the Client Chose Learning Light

Learning Light offered a fixed price support package with deadlines and payment on results.

Learning Light was able to demonstrate the required expertise to source an LMS that was fit for purpose and the required expertise and development capacity to build 12 interactive elearning modules.


Overview of Learning Lights’s Roadmap and Delivery of Solution

A project plan was developed to procure and implement an LMS from a pre-identified list of potential suppliers based on cost and capacity to install at short notice, and on the on-going support solutions.

Learning Light assembled from its associates pool an ID and elearning developers tasked with creating the courses for the client using an iterative development process…. Successive approximation to save time with continual minor amends that had created so many previous difficulties.


Learning Light’s Implementation and Client Guidance Process

With Learning Light working closely with the LMS partner having developed a very good understanding of the client requirement, we ensured that the LMS was operational in a very short time, with a configured interface that was aligned to the industry needs and terminologies.

Using rapid development (and adding a second development team)  and the earliest prototype of our e-LCET (elearning content evaluation tool) to ensure quality, Learning Light was able to rapidly project manage the development of 12 elearning modules of market leading quality.


Client Feedback on Both the Solution and its Roll-Out

Despite the previous delays to the project, the client was able to launch its offer to market in time. A potentially large investment that was heading for failure had been saved and the company was surprised to find itself a market leader in the use of elearning within the financial services sector.


Business Benefits to the Client

The quality of its materials vs those of its competitors was notable and the learning design ensured that the project continues to deliver exceptional learning results (professional exams passed), saving both the employer and employees/associates considerable time and money.

The client now has the ability to update the courses as required in line with new best practices and legislation changes.