Full-Service eLearning Companies

Best elearning companies - full-service providers

When looking for the best elearning companies to meet your needs, it’s not always obvious which services a provider can deliver and which they outsource or simply don’t / can’t provide. This means that many buyers find themselves assembling a combination of solutions that, hopefully, will play nicely together.

That’s not always the case – elearning content needs to work well with your learning management system, videos need to be on-brand and on-message to deliver a natural continuation of other media experiences, and those creating and delivering the content need to be able to understand the business and training goals of the client’s HR or L&D teams.

The companies on our list below all offer elearning content, good learning platforms to deliver that content, and the advice & support services needed to make those solutions work to meet your unique requirements. Full-service doesn’t necessarily mean big – there are some relatively small, boutique teams of experts offering Content, Platforms & Consultancy on the list, while some big names in elearning – including leading LMS providers – are not shown here because they specialise in that one area.

The strengths and weaknesses and the offerings of elearning companies are not always apparent when you arrive at their websites – many say they can take care of all your training needs, but have some crucial skill gaps – at least in terms of what and who they have in-house.

So, based on our own experiences and research, we’ve done some of the leg work for you, producing this list of full-service elearning companies. We have only chosen providers with credible, impressive case studies and have highlighted the situations in which you should have a company on your shortlist of providers.

You should be able to approach any of these online learning companies with your wants, needs and goals – confident that they can deliver on all of them.

Even so, every organisation has its own personality, experiences and USPs, so we’ve also highlighted where each one has special powers. Here’s the list (in no particular order!):


Day One Technologies

Day One Technologies - UK elearning company

Based in Yorkshire, UK – so not far from us here at Learning Light – this is an elearning company we know well and have been hugely impressed with. Their senior management team combines backgrounds in both learning psychology and technology, making them well placed to deliver elearning that works.

The Day One elearning case studies include some excellent success stories for the likes of Lloyds, ghd, Co-operative Bank and global not-for-profit – The Internet Society (ISOC).

Sector strengths: Finance, Retail, Call Centres

Specialist skills in: elearning scenarios, system simulation, white label elearning solutions for training providers, true to life practice with IT & systems, call centre training

Located in: UK

Shortlist if: you want to create true to life, immersive learning experiences – which are proven to increase learner engagement and improve learning outcomes. If you need training for the banking / finance sector and/or call centres, then shortlisting this company should be a no-brainer.

Website: www.dayonetech.com



One of the world’s learning providers of digital learning solutions for business, with a truly international presence. Their blue-chip client base includes the likes of Carrefour, Reed Midem and Jaguar Land Rover.

Sector strengths: Retail, Technology and Telcoms, Professional Services and Automotive.

Specialist skills in supporting: Onboarding, Leadership & Employee Development, Sales Performance

Located in: France, USA, Germany, UK, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Brazil

Shortlist if: you need a solutions provider with the tools and experience to integrate digital learning with your existing technology infrastructure.

Website: www.crossknowledge.com


Virtual College

Virtual College elearning examples

One of the leading UK providers of compliance training via low-cost online courses. Particularly popular for accredited training in food hygiene and health and safety in the workplace. Increasingly popular is their easy to use Enable LMS, and a suite of safeguarding courses for those working with children.

They have supported over 100,000 organisations with their training needs and delivered elearning courses to over 4 million learners.

Sector strengths: Food & Hospitality, Construction, Retail, Education, Housing, Health & Social Care

Specialist skills in supporting: fast, low-cost compliance training

Located in: UK

Shortlist if: you or your company is based in the UK and need to deliver workplace compliance training that comes with industry-recognised accreditations.

Website: www.virtual-college.co.uk



D2L VLE and courseware

Well established in the education sector with a strong client base of schools, colleges and universities, Desire2Learn is now also growing in the corporate sector, with clients including the likes of Walmart.

Sector strengths: K-12 schools, higher education and retail

Specialist skills in supporting: VLEs, eportfolios, video learning and ready to go courses.

Located in: Canada, USA, Brazil, UK, Australia, Singapore

Shortlist if: you need video and other multimedia content, accessible on the go, and with advanced analytics.

Website: www.d2l.com


Cornerstone on Demand

A leading global provider of cloud-based HR, talent and performance management solutions.

Sector strengths: Medical / Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail, Hospitality, Transport & Logistics, Technology, Universities, Public Sector

Specialist skills in supporting: recruitment, onboarding, training and staff retention.

Located in: USA, India, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia & New Zealand, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and across Scandinavia.

Shortlist if: you want an all-in-one technology solution for HR and talent management.

Website: www.cornerstoneondemand.com


Learning Pool

Learning Pool

A UK provider of eLearning content and learning management systems. Learning Pool are also the co-creators of the popular Adapt content authoring tool. They offer a large and growing library of ILM approved online courses in Business Skills, Compliance, Housing, Financial Services, Hospitality, School Governance and more.

Sector strengths: Local councils, professional bodies, hospitality

Specialist skills in supporting: gamification and product knowledge training.

Located in: UK

Shortlist if: you’re based in the UK, looking for high quality, ready to go training in business skills or industry-specific best practices. Also if you’re a large UK company or public sector organisation looking to start or improve your online training. Content that you can update and take forward yourself, using their Adapt authoring tool.

Website: www.learningpool.com


imc Learning

imc Learning

This German elearning technology and content provider has a growing international presence. They specialise in interactive, multimedia training for enterprises.

Sector strengths: Transport, automotive, food and healthcare.

Specialist skills in supporting: multimedia content development, interactive video, web based comics and storytelling, 3D, infographics.

Located in: Germany, the US, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Romania, Singapore, United Kingdom and Australia.

Shortlist if: you’re looking for something different to really wow, engage and develop learners in a large enterprise.

Website: www.im-c.com



The team behind WillowDNA come from fast-moving, operations backgrounds and bring deep knowledge and expertise in all things learning. They have an extremely impressive client list that includes the likes of Vodafone, Unilever, John Lewis Waitrose, Pitman Training, Telefonica O2 and Oracle.

They offer complete elearning solutions, including platforms, content and consultancy, while their already-great Pathway Cloud LMS has recently been enhanced by integration with the gomo rapid authoring tool and the SkillPill library of micro-learning content from top publishers.

Sector strengths: Professional bodies and specialist training providers, retail, technology, medical and apprenticeships.

Specialist skills in supporting: rapid content development, serious games based learning, evidence-based assessment, interactive scenarios and social learning.

Located in: UK

Shortlist if: You’re a specialist training provider or professional body that needs easy to use solutions for getting learners online. Also – if you’re a global corporate looking to work with true learning experts who are proven in delivering great results for some of the world’s largest brands.

Website: www.willowdna.com


SAP Successfactors

SAP SuccessFactors

A global technology company offering the complete range of L&D solutions for your own staff and for extended enterprise. Large enterprise solutions, from recruitment and onboarding to HR, workforce planning and analytics.

Sector strengths: Mining, Oil & Gas; Life Sciences; Industrial, Chemicals & Manufacturing; High Tech; Engineering & Construction

Specialist skills in supporting: Recruitment & Onboarding, HR & Payroll, Performance Management & Compensation, Workforce Analytics.

Located in: North & South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia & New Zealand, India, China

Shortlist if: you’re a large enterprise looking for an integrated suite of HR, L&D and talent management systems. Especially relevant if you have an international presence and are keen to have local support available in your timezone.

Website: www.successfactors.com


Aleido UK

e-Learning solutions company, Aleido UK

For over 20 years, Aleido UK have provided business compliance and soft skills training to well-known brands.

Sector strengths: Financial services, travel, construction, retail, public sector.

Specialist skills in supporting: complex content, IT & systems training, compliance

Located in: UK

Shortlist if: you’re looking for a well-established, reliable UK company proven in delivering business and soft-skills training to leading brands.

Website: https://aleido.com/uk/learning-solutions


Aims Digital

Aims Digital elearning outsourcing

Specialists in elearning development outsourcing solutions to support L&D teams

Sector strengths: Biotech, Automotive, Manufacturing

Specialist skills in supporting: Explainer videos and whiteboard animations, updating of documents to modern digital formats, rapid authoring.

Located in: India

Shortlist if: you’re looking to outsource some of your elearning solutions to reduce costs but are keen to work with a provider proven in delivering high quality solutions for large organisations.

Website: www.aimsdigital.com



LEO Learning

Experts in strategic learning that aligns with overall business goals and delivers measurable return on investment.

Sector strengths: Automotive, Defence & Security, FMCG, Transport & Logistics (including Airlines), Pharmaceuticals, Professional Services.

Specialist skills in supporting: Bespoke and off the shelf elearning content, video and animations, learning roll-out and communications, strategic capability building.

Located in: UK, USA, Switzerland and Brazil.

Shortlist if: you’re a large company or public sector organisation looking to work with an elearning company that will support you in developing a training strategy, as well as creating and delivering effective content.

Website: leolearning.com



Blackboard Education Technology & Services

One of the biggest names in technology and services for education, Blackboard is a multi-award winning company that is also growing in the government and business sectors. US based, but with a global presence.

Sector strengths: Higher Education, K-12

Specialist skills in supporting: web conferencing and online collaboration, safe and secure learning management systems, personalised learning

Located in: USA

Shortlist if: you’re looking for safe and secure online learning and collaboration tools from a proven provider – especially if you are in the education sector.

Website: www.blackboard.com


Sponge Learning

Sponge UK Digital Learning Services

Coming from a content-focused background, Sponge specialise in creating vibrant, immersive and interactive learning using the latest technologies. They offer complete elearning solutions, with LMS as well as learning content development, and the advice and support to help you find the right blend for your needs.

Sector strengths: Retail, Pharmaceutical, Automotive

Specialist skills in supporting: 360 degree AR & VR, gamification, interactive video, simulations.

Located in: UK

Shortlist if: your goal is to drive learner engagement through technologies and techniques that create a rich, immersive experience and make learning fun.

Website: www.spongelearning.com



Global workplace learning company - Kineo

One of the best known and respected names in elearning, Kineo has developed from its UK base to being a global presence. Now part of the City & Guilds Group, they have worked with global brands such as Credit Suisse, BMI Healthcare, Pizza Express, Ministry of Justice, Samsung, BP, Tesco and, fittingly, Rolls Royce.

Sector strengths: Retail, Public Sector, Automotive, Charities, Healthcare, Electronics

Specialist skills in supporting: Customer Experience, Compliance & Policy, Leadership & Management, Sales & Product Knowledge Training.

Located in: UK, US, Middle East & Africa, Sweden, Australia & New Zealand.

Shortlist if: You are a large business, charity or public sector organisation looking to work with one of the world’s best elearning companies, trusted by many of the top brands in their industries.

Website: www.kineo.com



Skillsoft enterprise learning content and platforms

This EU and US based company is undoubtedly one of the world’s top elearning providers. Their platforms and extensive library of content support enterprises worldwide, including over half of the Fortune 500 companies.

Sector strengths: Business Services; Information Technology & Telecoms; Banking, Finance & Insurance; Energy.

Specialist skills in supporting: Ready to go compliance training courses, business & leadership skills, IT knowledge development

Located in: Ireland, USA, Germany, UK, India, Singapore, Canada, Australia

Shortlist if: you’re a large company in need of a vast array of engaging, multimedia content across a range of disciplines. Especially good to look at if you have an international workforce with content requirements across several languages.

Website: www.skillsoft.com


Allen Interactions

Established for over 25 years and coming from a publishing background, Allen Interactions has become a leading provider of custom elearning design and web-based tools. They have a stunning client list that includes the likes of Google, Hilton, GoDaddy, Expedia, Mastercard and American Express to name just a few.

Sector strengths: Banking & Finance; IT & Telecoms; Travel & Hospitality

Specialist skills in supporting: Microlearning, mobile-first elearning, custom content and blended learning.

Located in: USA

Shortlist if: you’re looking for custom elearning development that is flexible enough to be quickly adaptable as you learn what is working. Highly customisable content, rather than set and forget (and maybe regret!). Performance based design from a company that can become your learning partner.

Website: www.alleninteractions.com

An ‘elearning company’ can mean different things to different people and making everything work together, seamlessly, requires a wide range of backgrounds, knowledge, skill sets and technologies at hand.

There are many types of client that want to be able to work with a single company that has the know-how to take all their training and assessment needs online, and don’t want to need to organise a portfolio of solutions providers.

Hopefully this list of the some of the best elearning companies worldwide will prove useful to you when shortlisting a provider. Based on over 10 years of experience in online learning market research and analysis, we are signposting these solutions providers that we know well and / or we believe are not only credible and reputable, but should be able to support you in creating effective, engaging elearning whatever your location, needs and goals.

However, if you would like to discuss your unique requirements, feel free to contact us here at Learning Light for more advice.

Av Srivastava

eLearning Marketing Consultant

About Av

Av Srivastava is an elearning writer and marketing consultant who has worked with a range of learning solution providers in the UK and worldwide.

He researches and writes about the latest and best elearning solutions to help buyers choose the ideal company for their needs.

He also helps great elearning companies to understand their perfect customers, get the visibility they deserve, and develop steady streams of inbound enquiries.