German eLearning Blogs

The majority of elearning blogs worldwide are written in the English language, while not that many can be found written in the German language.

Below are some of the best German language elearning blogs that could help you if that’s your preferred language.

This is a blog that discusses education. It is managed by an organisation called “Deutsches Institut für Internationale Pädagogische Forschung” which is the German institute for international pedagogic research. If you are a teacher, a student, a parent or anybody else who is connected to or interested in the education sector in Germany but also education in general, this is a very useful blog to gather reliable and official information, reports and statistics.


Webanywhere is a UK company specialising in e-learning. This is the company blog for the German speaking readers. Topics vary but generally belong to the field of e-learning. It discusses elearning in different sectors, the advantages for people and companies as well as who profits by employing elearning tools. More generic topics that are concerned with education in general either in German speaking or other international countries are also covered. This blog is excellent to get insight into the field of elearning and the current issues in society related to it.


The eLerner Blog belongs to the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Elearning is the main topic throughout the blog and various parties are contributing to it, students, teachers as well as carefully selected external authors. It is a very useful blog to get an insight into the various aspects of elearning and also features some English posts. Various categories such as ‘Technology’, ‘Tools’ or ‘Best Practice’ assist readers in finding the information they are looking for.

This blog is the blog of Gabi Reinmann who is a university professor for learning and teaching with new media. In her blog she discusses new projects and ideas and generally topics that have to do with her professional career. She also provides her personal opinion about certain topics and shares interesting and valuable resources used or created by her. Interaction is welcome and she appreciates comments and responses to her ideas as these contribute to future or current projects.


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