Becoming a Government-Approved Supplier – Client Case Study

Learning Light Consultancy Case Study – Helping a Global e-Learning Technology Provider Gain a Place on a New List of Government-Approved Learning Services Suppliers.

Government approved learning services supplier

The Environment & Challenges

Our client was looking to be part of a government list of approved learning services providers, from which schools would be encouraged to select a company to provide online learning solutions.

The government wanted to increase competition in the marketing of learning technologies for the education sector, and to help schools make the best choices based on quality and value.

The encouragement of schools towards this limited list of companies looked like it would be narrowing the competitive playing field, potentially making it essential, or at least hugely beneficial, to be government-approved. This accreditation was also likely to give credibility to those listed, within what was and is, a hugely competitive market.


Client Situation

While being experts in the field of e-learning, the client’s senior management team felt that it lacked experience in such processes. Having prioritised a restructuring of their company and some new staff having joined over the previous months, there was also an extremely tight deadline to collate large amounts of information to submit an application. With the submission requiring a highly coordinated effort across departments, such as IT, Finance, Marketing and Senior Management, excellent project management was needed.

Client’s Needs / Expectations

The client needed someone with a good understanding of project management, the e-learning industry, and government procurement to bring together the necessary information in a fast and organised manner. “With our internal staff being extremely busy during a key time in our business calendar, I couldn’t see who would be able to give this project the required focus. We also needed someone with a combination of relevant industry experience and the personality needed to work effectively with such diverse teams” said A.K. – the company’s Marketing Manager.


Why the Client Chose Learning Light

“Having previously met with David and Gill and gained a glimpse of their expertise, I was confident that Learning Light could add a great deal to this process. David came in to consult with the management team and immediately gave us confidence in the task.”

Overview of Learning Lights’s Roadmap and Delivery of Solution

From day 1, while bringing a calm, professional manner, David energised the project team by giving us clearly defined roles and timescales. “

The application process was extensive, and David quickly identified the most complex sections and tasked relevant people with collating the information needed, rather than tackling the application in a linear fashion. Sound project management methodology from the start meant dependencies and single points of failure were quickly identified and mitigated.


Client Feedback on Both the Solution and its Roll-Out

“During the process, we agreed on a series of short, intense deadlines with clear milestones to be hit. David would chair regular meetings and was really effective energising and organising us, while smoothing out bumps in the road and demonstrating some much-needed patience!”

“Gaining a place on government framework was basically a competition, as it used a points-based system to decide on who made the cut to the limited list of places. “ “We were delighted to gain a place on the list and Learning Light gave us the competitive edge we needed to make it. “

“The staff in our company already possessed great skills and knowledge, and our company already delivered fantastic services to clients. With David’s help we were able to prove and gain recognition for it. “

Tangible Business Benefits to the Client

“The return on our investment with Learning Light’s consultancy has been immeasurable, but undoubtedly huge. I could confidently say the service has already paid for itself hundreds of times over and will continue to do so for years to come. “

“Becoming a government approved provider of learning services with Learning Light’s help has given access to additional business opportunities and additional credibility in a highly competitive marketplace. “

Would the Client Choose Learning Light Again and Why?

“Without doubt, I would work with Learning Light again on any project where a breadth and depth of experience in Training or eLearning are required.  I would recommend others to do the same. “