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Here we look at companies creating solutions for HazMat training online with a list of Dangerous Goods elearning course developers. HazMat stands for Hazardous Materials, and while this topic generally relates to manual operations, much of the knowledge-based content can be learned online at a time convenient for both employee and employer.

HazMat awareness training made available through elearning enables anytime, anywhere learning that can be rolled out at scale. It also allows course content updates with minimal cost and disruption.


US Training Solutions – HazMat Safety Consulting

Texas-based HazMat Safety Consulting helps companies to simplify the complex field of Dangerous Goods logistics and regulatory compliance.

HazMat Safety Consulting

Their team has decades of experience across specialist hazardous goods training, plus:

  • Dangerous Goods Compliance Assessments
  • Penalty Remediation Support Services
  • Special Permits and Approval Assistance
  • Petitions for Rulemaking
  • Expert Witness Testimonies
  • Lithium Battery Transportation and Storage
  • General Regulatory Guidance
  • Dangerous Goods (DG) Industry Connections

Read a case study on specialist, custom DG training from HazMat Safety Consulting on their website.


eLearning for HazMat Training in Europe – Day One

Based near Leeds in West Yorkshire, UK, Day One Technologies has created bespoke elearning for many of the best-known European and global companies.

Hazmat training for Amazon with an elearning course created by Day One

For over 20 years, Day One have brought together expertise in learning psychology and the latest training technology to create content and systems that make a real difference to staff safety and performance, and business outcomes.

Several of their clients have used Day One’s solutions for training in areas like:

  • Health & Safety
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Industrial Safety
  • Driver Safety

Read an example of their work with this Hazmat awareness training example for Amazon.


Dangerous Goods Training in South Africa – Global Learning Services

Global Learning Services offer a wide range of dangerous goods courses online, and have particular expertise in Hazardous Materials (HazChem) Handling and Transportation.

Hazchem and DG courses from Global Learning Services

Their accredited courses cover core areas such as:

  • Dangerous Goods Classification, Exempt Quantities and Compatibility
  • Placarding and Documentation
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Driver Duties, Documentation and Behaviour
  • Loading and Off-Loading of Dangerous Goods
  • Transportation of Hazardous Goods
  • Vehicle Stability
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire Fighting

Learn more about DG and HazChem courses from Global Learning Services on their website.


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