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Immersive Learning

The term Immersive Learning is one we see as gaining currency in our world of elearning. Indeed, we see a new paradigm of learning genres emerging (or have emerged) and Immersive Learning is one of the elearning industry’s big four.

The other three of those are:

  • Micro-Learning (not quite so new I know, but certainly becoming more effective)
  • Binge Learning or ‘cinematic style learning’ (snappier name suggestions welcomed) – a little like binge watching the high quality productions on Netflix and in some ways the antithesis of micro-learning
  • and the fourth genre of the big four being Curated Learning.

There is solid evidence that these genres all work – the trick is knowing which genre to apply to which learning requirement.


So, what does Immersive Learning mean?

Immersive learning is pretty flexible and fuzzy term in some ways, but will contain elements such as scenarios, 360-degree images and video content, simulations and contextually-relevant games.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are becoming more common, along with Mixed Reality arriving sooner than perhaps realised. The overarching term for all 3 is known as Extended Reality or XR.

Learnovate, the research team at Trinity College in Dublin, conducted research into the features, benefits and accessibility of types of immersive learning mentioned above, creating this table on their attributes:

Types of immersive learning and their benefits

The principle point of immersive learning is a very high degree of relevance to the learner, in order to deliver engagement, as well as effectiveness.


Leading Immersive Learning Companies

So here is our list of some of the world’ top Immersive Learning providers to consider if you are looking at this type of training. These companies have real capabilities in Immersive Learning development and delivery, and are certainly worth a look.

All have different areas of expertise and we present them in no particular order, so do browse all of them to see which company could be a good fit for your needs.


Learning Simulation Platform (LSP) – ETU

Empower The User Limited (ETU) is a multi-award winning immersive learning and simulation based training company.

ETU immersive simulation learning solutions

They have created an innovative immersive learning development environment that enables clients to develop custom simulations to cater for virtually any training need, including the likes of:

  • Leadership Behavior
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • B2B Sales & Customer Service
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Digital Transformation
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Here’s a 2-minute intro to the company:

ETU have an impressive client base of some of the world’s best known brands, across dynamic and challenging sectors such as business consulting, finance, technology and more. They have also published this comprehensive guide to immersive learning for corporate training needs. It offers a definition of the concept and suggests appropiate types of immersive learning for different training.

Learn more about this exciting immersive learning and simulation company on the ETU website.


Immersive eLearning Content from Blend

By adding interactivity to your training so that learners get a more immersive experience by learning through doing, rather than just passively consuming content, you can dramatically improve learning outcomes.

It is with this in mind that Brendan Cox and Tom Payani created Blend Interactive Content.

Interactive elearning content with AR and VR

These experts in elearning content development, uses tools such as AR training solutions to deliver a truly immersive learning experience.

Drawing on 15 years of Education and Design experience working for major brands like the BBC, these UK elearning developers now work 100% remotely to provide interactive elearning experiences to clients across the globe.

You can get a feel for Brendan’s approach in this article he wrote for our website on custom content vs off the shelf elearning and deciding how to choose the best solution for your training needs.

As a small, boutique elearning studio, Blend is able to offer high-end elearning design, without the usual high-end cost of working with a large elearning agency.

Learn more about Blend Interactive Content on their website.



Applio has built out a model or approach to allow for the rapid development and deployment of games with its Games Based Learning platform. This is a pretty slick approach to getting into games and immersive learning environments and Applio deserves some real credit for this approach to making gaming and immersive learning so accessible.


Day One

This is an interesting company that specialises in really effective simulations. They have a fantastic skillset in simulating software and in-house systems.

For example, call centre system simulations allow agents to train using mock customer engagements, with colleagues playing the roles of customers. Day One have delivered call centre training using simulation to some of the UK’s leading call centre operators, with a client base that includes the likes of Lloyds, Co-operative Bank and TSB.

In the field of healthcare, they have helped global companies such as Linde and Roche in onboarding staff with new hardware, and with new in-house CRM software.

Immersive learning with software simulations

Day One have created simulation training and immersive learning experiences that have demonstrated measurable reductions in time to competency and trainee attrition, while increasing learner confidence with new systems.

This is one of the most innovative and effective immersive learning solution providers we know.


elearning Studios

A long established elearning developer, but in the last 4 years they have become true experts in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The quality of the learning environments, whether using Google Carboard or Samsung’s Galaxy Gears, or indeed Oculus Rift is quite breath-taking. In utilising the xAPI protocol to an LRS to report the learner’s behaviours this company can support training at a micro level where changing a behaviour can save lives, this is premium compliance par excellence and just so so immersive.


Growth Engineering

This company has long been a market leader with its very excellent Gamified LMS, but that is not all. Growth Engineering has pioneered modern and engaging UI and UX and has built Genie an authoring tool that will create game based learning experiences with templates and workflows to allow for the creation of rapid game based learning solutions. This should be part of the toolkit of any Immersive Learning orientated project.



A fully focused VR developer delivering high quality projects to major corporates who have grasped what this style of learning can do. They also have a VR orientated platform that allows for the distribution of VR experiences and interactions, including multi user VR sessions.

This is an exceptionally high quality company, delivering exceptionally high quality learning experiences in VR for simulation training experiences.



Part of the market leading Learning Technologies Group, Preloaded has real pedigree in both Games – games with purpose as they put it – and VR. With a fabulous library of case studies illustrating the challenges to be addressed and the solutions developed illustrate some real capability. If you are looking for ideas and examples –
take a look.


Cue Interactive

Led by some of the leading visionaries in games and learning, Cue Interactive have produced some hugely significant simulations and games for clients that must be incredibly demanding as to the outcomes – think aircraft maintenance for example…



The UK pioneers of what we called Serious Games. Indeed, Helen Routledge has done more than anyone else in our industry to evidence the effect games can have on learning and the evidence she presents is compelling. You can buy her book here. Totem have built some superb games for clients over several years delivering compelling game play with powerful learning results. True experts at their craft.


Virtual College

This company has been quietly developing considerable development capacity to be a full service Immersive learning developer. Simulations of using and maintaining complex hardware systems I have been shown illustrate real immersive learning design capabilities.


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