Improving a Negative Attitude Course Review

An e-LCET Review of Improving a Negative Attitude

Improving a Negative Attitude is an elearning course which teaches you  how to deal with a negative attitude in the workplace.

Negative Attitude Genre Pie Chart

It does this by using an easily navigable selection of voiced-over text, some images and a short video.

Genre Mix

As we can see from the pie chart, the main component of Improving a Negative Attitude is text. This is supplemented with audio, images, and video.  The genre mix of this course shows it be relatively old-fashioned in its presentation. More modern courses feature more moving images, interactive elements and video.

However, the fact that this course appears outdated does not meant that the pedagogy is not sound, and it does not mean that the content is not good. The scores the course receives in the evaluation will show whether or not it is a piece of engaging effective elearning.


Negative Attitude Marks


From the above scores we can see that Improving a Negative Attitude scored fairly well in the evaluation round of e-LCET. In its principal genres of Text, Audio and Negative Attitude SpiderVideo, it scored nearly 5/6. The core elements and content of the course are therefore good, and this in combination with a tried and tested pedagogy mean that this course is an effective piece of learning.

The evaluation supports the previous comments about the course appearing dated, as as well as having a relatively outdated mix of genres, it scores 4/6 for both Menu and Layout and Presentation.

All in all, this course precisely addresses the learning topic. It is quite short and the images provided are often generic. The video is its strength – whilst the quality is not outstanding, and one cannot enlarge the video player, the content is well aligned and relevant to the learning objectives. To be improved this course could have a few more sections added, and have the overall look and feel modernised.

The course successfully delivers its learning objective, and so it is a piece of engaging, effective elearning.