Incident Wise Course Review

A review of Incident Wise by beTravelwise


Learning Light have just reviewed the Incident Wise elearning course, using our unique e-LCET tool. Incident Wise is aimed at people travelling abroad to potentially dangerous areas where there are risks such as fraud, kidnapping, illness, and natural disasters. Training employees to be aware of these risks is in fact a corporate requirement, and these courses by beTravelwise are the first we have seen on these topics

As a new venture beTravelwise have produced some excellent e­learning courses that bring a neat, clean and crisp design to a compliance topic: travel safety.

Incident Wise Genre Mix 

betravelwise 1

The excellent use of images and a striking layout immediately draws the learner to engage and the well designed learning metaphors will continue to deliver engagement. Navigation is well thought through giving the learner real control and taking this learning beyond the “page turners”. The audio is used judiciously along with the animation, and together they deliver a good learning experience.

The subject matter expertise of the organisation shines through and has been presented very clearly and succinctly. The text is well structured, clear, consistent and concise and avoids being too complicated. The series of scenarios presented through the material is very well done, and the learning design in breaking these into impactful events is excellent. Images are of high quality and impactful, animations are very effective. The link to the organisation’s website is very good indeed, and the website is well structured to support the learning experience.

Incident Wise Evaluation

Below you can see the marks (1-6) given to Incident Wise in our e-LCET report.


Incident Wise marks 2


Learning Light considers these e­learning materials to be of very high quality indeed, exceptionally well designed to deliver engaging and effective e­learning. We can therefore give Incident Wise our Learning Light seal of approval:



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