Interactive eLearning for Football Scouts: Sharing the Secrets of Premier League Insiders

Football scouts worldwide are training with interactive elearning courses developed by Real Projects.

Interactive elearning courses for football by Real Projects

Over the last decade, data analysis has transformed the way scouts and coaches develop footballing talent. Working with the Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA), Real Projects has been helping people across the football industry to explore the exciting new frontier of sports analytics, with courses on Technical Scouting and Performance Analysis.

Other courses provide an introduction to the world of professional scouting. The Level 1 Talent Identification in Football course, launched on New Year’s Day, asks novice scouts to complete reports on Trent Alexander-Arnold, Alphonso Davies and Lucy Bronze.

Player data for football scouts

Available through the PFSA, these courses are also integrated into programmes offered by universities like UCFB and overseas football associations including the MLS and the UAE FA.

“The PFSA’s Level 1 portfolio of scouting courses lay the foundations of the topic, in an industry where information is locked away within professional clubs,” explains the Association’s director Adam Hobson. “We lift the lid on this knowledge and in partnership with Real Projects, create engaging and informative elearning courses.”

To develop each course, Real Projects draws on the knowledge of top-flight football professionals, including performance analysts in the Premier League and Belgian First Division.

Training in live football match performance analysis

“We combine the expertise of football professionals with our own expertise in learning design, creative writing, UX and game design,” says Real Projects’ CEO Scott Hewitt, who has more than a decade’s experience in learning and development, and delivered projects for the EU and Encyclopaedia Britannica.

“Every learning project is unique, and we enjoy the challenge of creating the right digital training tools for each industry, and for each group of learners. For the PFSA’s Level 1 Performance Analysis course we built a stadium and a training ground for learners to explore.”

Real Projects create learning resources for companies of all sizes, and have recently launched their own range of courses through international elearning platform OpenSesame.

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