Invest in Innovation

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The In2In project has been established to research innovation within Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs). It is funded by Erasmus+ and brings together Learning Light with five other partner organisations into a European Consortium:- ASSET TEC, Greece
– GRAFIA, Czech Republic
– EOLAS, Spain
– Consorzio ABN, Italy

In the context of globalization and re-balancing of the world economy, the EU recognizes that innovation is essential to ensure the continuing ability of Europe’s business to compete in the marketplace.

In2In focuses on the following areas of SME innovation: Innovation – Creativity Generator at the work place; creativity enhancement in SMEs and micro – enterprises; and knowledge management of innovation.

In2In will develop a tool to support the growth of innovation within SME’s and provide SME staff with information on successful innovation practice. It will also support marketing staff, students and continuing professional development trainees and generally people that do not have overall knowledge of the many – faceted innovation processes but who wish or need to know more about it.

The training guide that will be produced during the life cycle of the project will include descriptions, examples, case studies, check-lists and instructions, while the social e-platform additionally will enable users to share knowledge, experiences and lessons learned.

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