Knewton launch free adaptive learning

Knewton, a U.S based Adaptive Learning company, have released a free adaptive learning platform. This platform aims to supplement current school curricula with extra content which is assigned to students based on their preferences and proficiencies.  knewton

Adaptive learning technology improves learning processes by providing learners with content relevant to their capabilities and interests. These capabilities are assessed prior to the learning beginning but the best technologies, such as Knewton’s, can also determine what content is relevant to a learner based on their performance during the learning activity.

Knewton are a leading company in the adaptive learning field, and so it is really interesting to see that they are releasing a free iteration of their platform as. As far as we are aware, no adaptive learning company with such pedigree and reputation for quality has yet made this move.

As adaptive learning is in its infancy, various different adaptive learning systems and approaches are still being developed and trialed. This means that adaptive learning is an expensive technology, and creates a barrier to its widespread use. However, with Knewton’s latest move we may see more people using adaptive learning and this should in turn help speed up the development of this exciting and innovative technology.

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