Knowly Review: The Mobile Learning Transfer Solution

Knowly is the mobile learning transfer solution designed to support learners and keep classroom trainers happy.

Mobile learning transfer solution - Knowly review

In conducting this Knowly review, it was quickly clear that it’s all about enhancing the impact of classroom training. It is a dream to use, as it is so simple and effective. However, as we shall go on to see, Knowly also has a highly capable micro-learning tool in its inventory of learning engagement approaches.


Mobile learning at its purest

Let’s start with Coach Freddy. The idea is based on the classroom tutor or instructor telling the learners that he or she is going to use Coach Freddy to help you embed what you have just been taught at the training session.

The participants open their browsers on their phones or computers, and go to the address – The participants enter a unique code for the training and create a learner plan following on from the classroom training they’ve just attended. Try it out for yourself by using the code 202020.

Coach Freddy does not bother with logins / usernames / passwords – just the link and code and you are on your way!


Encouraging learning transfer

There are a couple of guiding principles at work here. Firstly, Coach Freddy is actually quite generic and is not aimed at testing knowledge acquisition but is aimed at deeper learning around reflection and action planning…

How to improve learning transfer with Knowly

This is all about engendering learning transfer. A supporter (manager or colleague) can be co-opted to support the learner during the course alongside Coach Freddy.

The demo of Coach Freddy from a learner perspective is a slick and smooth process. From a tutor’s perspective Coach Freddy is easy to use and in no way trying to usurp their role – just add some more effectiveness via the mobile phone.


Easy to use for tutors

This principle is about making life easy for trainers. All the trainer has to do in the very clear and easy workflow is decide when Coach Freddy is going to send the messages to the course delegates over a 6 week period (and remember in the last 30 minutes or so of the classroom session to explain that Coach Freddy will be in touch).

For the learner, the principle is one of easy access and retaining control of your reflections and plans. Coach Freddy is not really about learning analytics, it is about learning transfer, (of which Knowly are experts and can offer additional consultancy).


Simple and standalone

What… no learning data? No integrations?…. Well, not really and Knowly are well aware of this and have built a good level of evidence to position Coach Freddy as easily accessible, simple and scalable, and a tool that is on the learner’s side and one that delivers results and one learner’s really use as they feel in control and can keep back thoughts as confidential.

Learner statistics on participation and progress

Statistics indicating patterns of usage can be found in Coach Freddy and analysed and exported if required. Coach Freddy sees its results through conversations and feedback from learners as well as noticeable changes in behaviours in the workplace which, usually the tutored course is tasked to deliver.

Knowly are developing more powerful features for Coach Freddy but are very mindful of the personal nature of the interaction it is stimulating. Indeed, results from large organisations that have used Coach Freddy as intended are very good indeed.

I like Coach Freddy a lot and I get the use case. However, Knowly is a long way down the road in micro-learning using some of the principles of Coach Freddy which I find really exciting indeed.


Powerful micro learning

Again, Knowly are following the simple principles of making the micro learning as accessible as possible using a link-based strategy so that everything for the learner takes place in the browser. So no large, data-hungry downloads, just pretty immediate access through a mobile device.

For the tutor the interface is crisp and clean and materials can be curated, ordered and allocated to learners simply and effectively as part of a larger course.

Knowly as a micro learning tool

To get learners listed, a simple Excel upload is all that is needed.

Dynamic real time reporting is provided when a learner opens a device and progress and usage patterns can be monitored easily.

Knowly’s micro-learning solution works to support classroom learning and really does allow learners to prepare for courses, look back over presentations or videos and like Coach Freddy ensure higher levels of learning transfer are achieved.

Knowly is designed with mobile learning in mind and the use cases for this model of distribution to seasonal workers or construction workers is compelling. Administration is easy there is no real need for other technologies to support the learners or record the learning, access is easy and importantly barrier free for learners. Crucially there is the opportunity for personalised follow up with learners after each course.

Spreadsheets with activities and contributions can be downloaded from the platform.


Simple pricing, easy to get going

Knowly offers transparent pricing based on the number of courses you plan to deliver, not the numbers of learners enrolled. There is also a one time use with 3 follow ups over 6 weeks for Coach Freddy aimed at trainers. The micro learning solution has a mixed monthly license and course group pricing model.

There are few barriers to get going with Coach Freddy or the more sophisticated Micro learning solution from Knowly.


In Summary

Knowly says it is designed in Sweden with love. Well, there is a lot to love about a solution that is so simple (Coach Freddy), but so effective in how it fills a major gap in learning transfer from classroom to workplace.

The Micro learning solution is still simple, but content is now made available and tutors can now quickly curate compelling mobile learning expositions that are accessible quickly and easily.

You can click here to learn more about the workings of this fantastic tool to improve transfer of training on the Knowly website.


David Patterson

Lead eLearning Consultant

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