Kojopro: The Sales Leadership Development Platform

Kojo Sales Academy’s Kojopro represents a new generation of skills platforms that will become increasingly influential in corporate learning.

Kojopro is focused on the single purpose of delivering (selling / sales leadership) skills to sales (team) leaders.

Kojopro sales leadership development platform

This single-purpose skills platform has none of the compromises and constraints of a typical LMS (though Kojopro can of course integrate with a corporate LMS) in that Kojo has conducted in-depth research with sales professionals to build a platform to meet their very specific needs and ways of learning.

The commitment to the learner is impressive and how Kojo has understood what this type of learner requires and built a totally online solution for upskilling senior (or highly ambitious) sales leaders is a first.


Beyond Sales Enablement

Kojopro is more than a sales enablement platform (which have waxed and waned in the US learning technologies market in recent years). Kojopro is more than just webinars or a few SCORM modules stitched together. Kojopro is much more interesting and exciting.

The attention to detail in how sales leaders operate and learn is not just reflected in the architecture of the platform (which is super quick and slick to use) but naturally, actually vitally on the learning experience above all.

Kojopro has been over two years in development and has been developed by a learning technologies and organisational learning leader Debbie Lawley (visionary creator of the very impressive breakthrough Pathway LMS famous for its learning pathways) and sales guru Anderson Hirst.

What did the research tell the Kojo Team? Well it’s not that there is anything wrong with LMS’s, but rather, sales development skills require a different approach and outlook to online learning delivery, and from top to bottom the solution needs to meet the instinctive requirements of competitive sales professionals who are keen (driven) to get ahead.

Kojopro is not about the basic selling and customer service skills, but about the sophisticated approaches to understanding the skills needed to accelerate a career or to lead a sales team.  It is built around rigorous academic research into what is proven to work and crucially understand how and when to apply specific selling skills and techniques and which one.

Sales training videos in the Kojopro platform

Kojopro is all about context for the many differing situations sales leaders find themselves operating in.

Let’s dig deeper and see how a very neat CMS, in this case Perch, coupled with expertly developed content can produce a compelling skills platform engineered with purpose delivering content with context for sales leaders.


Browser-Based for Any Time, Anywhere Learning

Kojopro can operate as a standalone platform offering individual licenses, a sales team platform led by a sales manager or director or it can offer an integration with a corporate sales academy or LMS. The beauty of the Perch CMS is that Kojopro is completely browser based and content is immediately available with no barriers.

Perch allows plenty of opportunity for customisation and white labelling of the platform if required.

A look at the Kojopro diagnostic tool which is freely available on Kojopro….  tells you this approach has been thought through: aligned and designed for the modern digital learner from the outset. The diagnostic tool is well constructed from a UI and UX perspective, using terminologies that are relevant and clear the diagnostic is clean to use (empathically not clunky and visually unappealing mangled survey tools as too many diagnostics are).

Sales diagnostic tool

Kojopro uses a red, amber and green model highlighting importance and therefore it is possible for the user to quickly grasp and prioritise actions.


Personalised Learning Experience

Kojopro is highly personalised throughout its user experience borrowing from Spotify with its playlist features. Individuals can create play lists from the range of digital learning assets, or sales managers / directors can create and assign playlists to team members. Very neat.

Learning content playlists

Let’s take a look at the learning modules. Here good learning design meets excellent subject matter expertise. The learning is clean clear and certainly highly accessible and pretty much straight to the point, no reading out of learning objectives here, this is learning designed from tip to toe to deliver results.

Each module contains a nest of learning components. There are 20 modules at present and no doubt more are on the way. A module opens with a video designed to grab attention. This is followed by the application guide as how to put this sales technique into practice… we are talking sophisticated stuff here, not the basics of selling skills.

Sales training learner dashboard

Following on is a podcast of what are described as war stories as the expertise of Kojo is shared in a way that is designed to resonate and engender engagement at an almost personal level… ”I’ve done this myself and it works…..I won’t waste your time, I’ll help you get results…let me tell you how.”  I would describe them as actionable insights.

From this the learning is about changing the way you do things or supporting you in changing the way your team does things with some very nicely designed interactive templates that are completed by the participants turning learning into action.

There are in most cases a set of quick guides as well to support the module.

The modules are designed to be self-contained and there is no linear learning requirement. At all times the learner retains a high level of control, the diagnostics with the red amber green highlights offers advice as to where to start, but in the final analysis learners are in control.

The playlists allow a manager to recommend to their team where to focus, but again a team member can explore and engage as they so desire.

The Kojopro learning admin dashboard

Kojopro has a very powerful dashboard that gives a great graphic representation of a learner’s engagement and pulls things back to the diagnostic very effectively.


Learning Efficacy Built In

It is important to emphasise that this solution is about strategic sales skills, not the basic skills for selling. As such Kojopro is underpinned by both the practical and serious expertise of Anderson Hirst and by the application of academically evidenced and proved approaches. Kojopro has learning efficacy built in.

Kojopro is an all in one solution to sales strategies as it offers a cumulative depth of solutions for differing strategic circumstances through the 20 modules it contains. All approaches are meticulously referenced so if you are an ambitious learner or sales leader and want to delve deeper then you can.

Pedagogically (OK I know. But this is important to understand), the principle applied is not one of drill and grill, but one of enhancing understanding of when, how and crucially why a particular approach is best adopted. Kojopro has a big advantage as it is built to do this in a digital learning environment from day one and can do this succinctly and successfully.

Using Kojopro, an organisation can quickly and effectively build up cumulative levels of selling skills for all situations and seasons. The layers are put into context and as the learner understands the why and when (and when not to) results will follow, and as the Americans say (even seasoned professionals) will move the needle.


Multi-Layered and Sophisticated

One single approach to selling is not going to win through in a multi-channel world. Kojopro is a multi-context multi layered sophisticated strategic sales delivery solution, rather more than a sales enablement platform, kind of the next step up, the one to aspire to, for really polishing and professionalising potential sales leaders and further empowering established sales leaders quickly and effectively.

Kojopro can integrate with LMS, Kojopro can have features added, or an organisation’s content added and form a sales academy, or integrate with a sales academy. The Kojo team also offers expert advice in setting up sales academy programmes with a full consultancy service.

Wow! Impressive, innovative and incredibly effective, Kojopro is setting a new standard in delivering strategic sales skills and they have done this by listening to what sales leaders want from a digital learning experience and have delivered it.

To learn more and sign up for a free trial or demo of the platform, visit www.kojopro.com