Learning By Doing – in the Flow of Work – Using Immersive Simulations

Learning By Doing quote from Aristotle

It’s well-known that learning by doing is far more effective than passively consuming training content. Facilitating learning in the flow of work or ‘just in time’ learning is now becoming more commonplace, as this has also been shown to increase the stickiness of training.

Microlearning is now well-established concept in L&D – the delivery of elearning content to learners where and when they need it, in convenient, bite-size chunks. It’s essential to put new knowledge and skills into practice as quickly as possible if retention is going to be maximised of course.


Are Simulations an Expensive Luxury?

The creation of immersive learning experiences through simulation training has tended to be seen as an altogether separate part of the L&D toolkit.

“Immersive Learning is a user-centred, non-linear, holistic & measurable
technology- enabled simulation and experience-based learning approach aiming to provide engaging & effective learning in a safe & authentic context.”

Upskilling by the NumbersLearnovate Report (Trinity College Dublin & ETU)

Its impact is without doubt.

Studies have shown that upskilling can be 15X faster using simulations when compared to traditional, classroom-based training.

However, simulation training is often seen as being heavily reliant on expensive hardware and considerable investment in content development.

It’s traditionally reserved for high-value, complex manual skills training, and for high-consequence industries such as healthcare, aviation or manufacturing.

It’s also often perceived to be a mode of training that will take employees off task for considerable periods of time.

However – we’re now seeing some of the world’s leading companies stack immersive simulations along with benefits of microlearning and just in time training. This is creating highly impactful, practical learning experiences delivered right at the point of need.

Software and soft skills training are being transformed by simulations in the flow of work, and without the need for big budgets.


Top Immersive Simulation Providers

Here we look at some of the top immersive simulation providers who are helping top companies to make learning by doing fundamental to their training across a range of disciplines, and without the need for expensive hardware.



From their bases in the US and Ireland, Empower The User (ETU) are making huge strides in transforming soft skills training for some of the world’s leading companies.

ETU are helping their clients to use immersive learning simulations for soft skills training to great effect. Their growing list of use cases includes:

  • B2B Sales & Customer Service
  • Leadership Behaviors
  • Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management
  • Onboarding
  • Digital Transformation Projects
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Many of the world’s most tech-savvy companies – who are themselves innovative – are working with ETU to make immersive simulations an important part of their L&D toolkit.

Those clients include Microsoft, PwC, Macy’s, Merck and IBM to name just a few…

Learn more about this impressive immersive learning and simulation company over on the ETU website.



Dubai based Gaminar is an interesting company specialising in turning webinars into experiential learning opportunities.

Used by Learning and Development professionals across multiple sectors, their range of innovative solutions include Survival & Escape Games, Brainstorming, Creativity, Leadership Training, Nogotiation Coaching and much more.

Learn more about Gaminar webinar-based learning solutions on their website.


Day One Technologies

Based near Leeds in West Yorkshire, UK, Day One have been creating bespoke, interactive elearning solutions for over 25 years.

Day One’s team comprises experts in both learning psychology and the latest training technologies. They understand the effectiveness of learning by doing vs learning by rote, and leverage technology solutions to make it possible and accessible whatever the context.

They have particular expertise in scenario-based learning and systems / software training simulations to speed up onboarding and upskilling.

Day One’s clients have included the likes of Lloyds Bank, the NHS, Roche, Mercedes-Benz, Linde Healthcare and many more globally renowned brands.

Learn more about simulation training from Day One on their website.

These elearning companies are shaping the future of learning in the flow of work. If you’re in L&D and looking to leverage the latest in immersive simulations, these providers are proven in making in impact on training for their clients.


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