Learning Ecosystems and the Experience API

The xAPI is poised to transform workplace learning. This innovative, open-source specification (developed by an open-source group led by the Advanced Distributed Learning [ADL] Initiative) was almost unheard of a few years ago; fast forward to today, and you’ll find that products, thought leaders, and learning professionals are using, are intimate with, or have at least heard of the xAPI. So, why is the xAPI catching fire?

At its core, xAPI affords the ability to track not just learning, but to track performance in interoperable ways in the real world. It provides a simple and flexible way to track and store data about learning experiences across a variety of platforms (e.g., games, virtual worlds, mobile, simulations, social media, etc.) within a database known as a Learning Record Store (LRS). Now it’s starting to earn its spotlight in the education and training communities … and rightfully so.

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