LearningCart: Advanced e-Commerce for Selling Courses Online

LearningCart review - elearning e-commerce examples

One of the most advanced e-commerce solutions for elearning I have come up against recently, and I was genuinely surprised to see how much thought has gone into it.

LearningCart review - elearning e-commerce examples

An elearning e-commerce solution plus LMS sounds quite simple – well, prepare to be surprised. This is an e-commerce solution with some really sophisticated touches that will give any training company a real edge in the market …. You are getting a very useful CRM function, with marketing automation and consequently masses of information about existing and potential customers.

LearningCart is designed for the training industry to sell courses and learning resources internationally – quickly and easily – as it is a purpose built and tightly integrated e-commerce solution and LMS.

Let’s be clear – it is not about delivering courses within your organisation at all. LearningCart is 100% for training companies to sell more courses online to paying customers.

The e-commerce is powerful covering a range of differing requirements and the LMS sophisticated in itself.

Assign access within the LMS

In fact, it is a lot more than an LMS and an e-commerce solution, it is a highly sophisticated marketing focused solution that includes a powerful CMS and associated marketing tools such as blogs etc. The solution is completely customisable, flexible and very modular.

Powerful SEO tools are provided with deep integrations into Google web marketing, Google e-commerce and of course Google Analytics. Lots of meta-tagging takes place against key words for discovery purposes and the use of deep embedded URLs ensures visibility.



This is not a simple e-commerce payment gateway, but one that offers multiple use cases for e-commerce solutions. These include subscriptions, payment plans, multiple user licenses, selling CEU or CME units for healthcare and more. Purchase Orders (POs) can also be handled. This is sophisticated e-commerce with multiple options. Books and other learning materials can be managed and the different range of taxes managed.

Launch your online training sales

With GDPR requirements in mind data can be hosted specifically in different countries courtesy of LearningCart’s advanced use of AWS. So a company based in the EU or UK can be sure that transactional and learning data is held in the required sovereign location.

Price management is powerful through LearningCart with lots of options and features to add value. It can manage pricing in different locations and allows an organisation to quickly and easily offer and manage pricing activities to different customers. This is not one size fits all pricing at all.


The LMS itself

The LearningCart LMS is well specified and evolved. Course management is very good and learning content is managed very well indeed. SCORM is uploaded quickly and easily via an FTP function.

Both PowerPoint and PDF can be handled easily. AWS Streaming is used to handle video very effectively and this allows for video to be bookmarked, which is neat.

eLearning course builder

Content can be tagged nicely and a lot of thought has gone into how content can be re-used which is always welcome.

LearningCart supports blended with good provision for ILT as well.

I particularly liked the quiz features and use of a feedback form for credentialing. No surprises that LearningCart supports digital badges then. These can be linked to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Multi-page certificates are a useful feature and wallet cards can be created from them

The LMS provides a good set of reports which are highly customisable.


Customer management

LearningCart really delivers as it provides a series of like CRM features.

It starts with allowing JavaScript to injected into pages so potential user patterns can be captured using tools such as Adobe Analytics. HotJar is another behavioural analytics tool that can be added to LearningCart to understand what is going on with prospective customers.

Training admin dashboard

ChatBox the enterprise messaging platform can also be integrated to allow deeper interactions with prospects to take place in LearningCart. There are features to manage abandoned orders as well.

LearningCart integrates with Mailchimp and powerful campaigns can be created, with automated workflows from marketing, enrolling through to certification expiry reminders………..customer lifecycle management in an LMS.



The LearningCart team can manage sophisticated integrations and use customised APIs to do so, and have some impressive examples. For more day to day integrations things are kept quick and simple by using Zapier.


Serious stuff

So, if you are a training business and you are serious about online courses and serious about marketing and selling them online this all in one e-commerce – CMS – LMS – CRM feature set with significant additional integration enhancements available is worthy of real consideration.

Learn more about this excellent e-commerce platform for selling courses online by visiting www.learningcart.com