LMS Integrations: What to look for and the leading platforms

Here we look at some of the most important LMS integrations to consider when choosing or configuring your learning platform. We also signpost some of the top learning management system providers when it comes to integrating into your existing tech stack.

LMS integrations

Your learning management system should make L&D easier by fitting seamlessly into your technology ecosystem. Learning and development teams already work very closely with the HR department – they may even work together in a People or Talent team. Therefore, LMS integration with HR software is important to help avoid duplication of effort and help to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

But what else?

Every department will probably use documentation and collaboration tools, while many companies have a Sales, Marketing & Account Management function. Almost every company has adopted some kind of video conferencing software, at least since the Covid-19 pandemic started.

So, below are some of the most common LMS integrations in 2022 that could make save time and headache across an organisation and help L&D roll out training effortlessly…



So, you might think “YouTube LMS integration – surely that’s a recipe for random, junk content?”. This is where elearning content curation comes in.

This kind of integration is not about sending people off to explore by themselves. It is about understanding when there is a need to create bespoke elearning, buy off-the-shelf content, or simply to find and bring in advice and tutorials that are already doing a good job.

Why waste time and money reinventing the wheel? But also, some of your teams may have created their own instructional videos that are hosted on YouTube (often ‘Unlisted’) and making them playable via YouTube but within your LMS is simply the fasted and least resource-heavy way of giving your teams access within the right context.


Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is the world’s leading corporate CRM software, with over 150,000 customers and used by millions of professionals. LMS and Salesforce integration will have numerous benefits.

Sales and marketing performance data can be viewable within the LMS and so that administrators and learners can identify areas for improvement and quickly signpost or access the most appropriate training and the right time.

It also means that user date in a Sales or Marketing team can be added or updated from a single point of access.


Workday & SAP SuccessFactors

HR solutions like Workday and SAP SuccessFactors are often the hub of recruitment and talent management for an organisation. The human resources team will manage employee data here and organise onboarding and essential training, so the L&D department will want to ensure that their own toolkit has LMS-HR software integration to ensure all employee data is accurate and up to date.

In highly regulated industries, this will become increasingly important so that essential compliance training and refresher courses are flagged to managers across all departments, as well as the learners themselves.


LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is by far the leading professional social network globally. LinkedIn’s purchase of Lynda.com in 2015 has made LinkedIn Learning the most signposted platform for ready to go elearning content, with a library that is still rapidly growing each year.

Through LMS and LinkedIn Learning integration you can give access to, and track employee interaction with, a massive library of high-quality elearning content.


GoTo Meeting / GoTo Webinar / Adobe Connect

The pandemic has made video conferencing tools ubiquitious in business and has even made face to face communication a thing of the past for many companies. Many corporate organisations already had software such as GoTo Meeting, GoTo Webinar and Adobe Connect in place.

So LMS integration with video conferencing tools means that communication and even instructor-led training (ILT) can occur live within the learning platform. Recordings can be stored within the LMS and made available across teams and for future employees.


So above are just a few of the most common LMS integrations that you might want to look out for and request from a provider. But who are the best learning platform companies to choose when it comes to making integrations happen? Here are a few that are proven in this space…


imc Learning

imc Learning Suite - LMS and LXP

This global learning technology company founded was Germany and has offices in the US, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Singapore, Austria, Romania and Australia. imc is a well-trusted provider of top-quality solutions used by the likes of Audi, Jagermeister, Vodafone, Deloitte and Sky.

The innovative imc Learning Suite offers slick LMS integration with the likes of Workday, Salesforce, YouTube, PayPal and many more popular business software products. As experts in this area, they offer their own advice on LMS integration features and benefits to look out for over on their blog.

Learn more on the imc Learning Suite page of their website.



TalentLMS - the mid corporate LMS solution

TalentLMS is from Epignosis – a company that dates back to 2012 and that also provides eFront as its enterprise solution. TalentLMS is a more mid corporate internal training orientated product with some good functionality to sell courses as well.

It offers a strong range of integrations and for those who want to dip there toes in the water, the is the opportunity to use a lite, demo version of the platform.

Learn more on the TalentLMS website.


Cornerstone On Demand

Cornerstone’s leading talent management system provides recruitment, training, and team collaboration solutions for all business sizes.

Cornerstone On Demand

They work with hundreds of the world’s largest companies, from Walgreens and Starwood Hotels & Resorts to Deutsche Post DHL and Western Union. They also support thousands of smaller organisations to help them engage their workforces and empower their people.

Learn more at www.cornerstoneondemand.com


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