Mind mapping e-learning course

Mind Mapping Mastery 

The Mind Mapping Mastery course from Illumine e-learning – the leading provider of Mind Mapping training.

MINDMAPWhen learnt properly, Mind Mapping is a uniquely powerful technique.

Just £49 – For a period of 30 days

On this interactive and hands-on e-learning course you will learn:
– how to establish great mind mapping technique
– the secret to using mind maps to enhance the quality of your thinking and planning
– how to build a powerful memory with mind maps
– the best way to take notes using Mind Maps
– why mind maps work – how they work WITH the brain
– the wide range of uses of mind maps for work and life

Watch a short video clip of this Mind Mapping E-Learning course, designed and delivered by Clive Lewis, one of the world’s leading experts in Mind Mapping. Practical, hands-on and suitable for managers, professionals and students,
we think it is great elearning. 



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