Moodle Workplace – an Exciting Addition to the Corporate LMS Market

Here we look at one of the most exciting additions to the corporate LMS market in recent years – Moodle Workplace.

Moodle Workplace Corporate LMS

There are of course many great business learning management systems out there already. However, Moodle are in a unique position when it comes to bringing something genuinely unique to the table:

  • They have the experience of providing the world’s most-used learning platform. Moodle is the education platform of choice for tens of thousands of schools, colleges and universities, and millions of educators and learners across virtually every country in the world. They’ve collected a lot of data, and refined systems, and refined some more.
  • Pedagogy and learning psychology is the basis of Moodle. It was released as an educational tool in 2002 and has continuously improved since then – through the addition of numerous themes and plugins, core development by Moodle HQ, and contributions from a global community of open source contributors.
  • As free, open source software, Moodle was not developed within the constraints of what customers would pay for. Educators created it for educators – that is an almost-uniquely solid foundation.
  • Even without commercial focus, Moodle has become the corporate LMS of choice for numerous major brands, such as Microsoft, Shell, the NHS, Vodafone and many more.

Moodle HQ have learned a great deal from the business users of the learning platform – both through the experience of their core team and through their network of certified services providers who have rolled it out to companies worldwide.

Their wants, needs and pain points have informed the development of Moodle Workplace.

Moodle for Workplace Learning

Available from official Moodle Partners, this new, corporate LMS provides the following benefits and more:


Multi-tenancy, delivered via central management

The multi-tenancy feature of Moodle Workplace allows you to assign divisions, departments or franchises their own full LMS platform. Each platform comes with customisable permissions, so you can delegate LMS management to relevant people.


Creation of employee training and compliance programmes

You can create easily manageable training paths, as ‘programmes’ encompass courses and content. You can set certificates with a defined renewal period. This helps to keep your employee certifications up to date.


Customisable reporting

With an intuitive drag and drop interface, Moodle Workplace can reduce administration time spent on generating reports. The interface comes with an instant preview filter and can aggregate data into the internal Learning Record Store (LRS). You can schedule reports to automatically send to different audiences.


Mirroring of your company structure

Adapt your platform to your company structure by creating defined roles and hierarchies, which automatically create reporting lines. You can also assign individual management rights and security permissions to each role.


Workflow automation

There is a wide array of automation tools within Moodle Workplace. So you can reduce admin time by automating course enrolments, certification allocation or security management for user groups. You can also create a template of ‘if-this-then-that’ (IFTT) rules.


Business system integration

A common feature across all of Moodle’s products is the number of integration options available – and this applies to Workplace just as much. Integrate your workforce training and development with other HR systems, import and export company structure, position frameworks and assign jobs for your users.


Full platform design customisation

Moodle Workplace comes with a clean design and highly customisable interface. You can match your platform to the look and feel of your company branding, and can easily add shortcuts to admin features. This makes your platform as intuitive as possible for your users.


Mobile learning app

Empower your users by allowing them to access content from any device, anywhere. You can also develop a fully branded Moodle Workplace App.

One of the leading global Moodle development companies is Titus Learning based in the UK, with clients in over 20 countries. These Moodle Certified Services Providers offer more info on the Moodle Workplace page of their website. They are well placed to advise on the best elearning solution for your business.

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