LMS Procurement for an NGO – Case Study

In this Learning Light consultancy case study, we look back at a successful project helping with LMS Procurement for an NGO.

This client was an International Non Governmental Organisation seeking to deliver a learning programme online to a large cohort of next generation leaders.

NGO LMS Procurement

Client Situation / Challenges

The client had a dated and expensive LMS with few features which is in need of replacement. The LMS was considered not only expensive to license, it was expensive to run and inflexible in its ability to deliver the client’s learning requirements.


Client’s Needs / Expectations

Firstly, the client required a robust methodology to specify its requirements for a new LMS. Secondly, from this the client required a competitive dialogue-based procurement process for the LMS to achieve a secure, supported technical infrastructure, with a series of “to be fully specified” features delivering the optimum cost of operation and learner satisfaction levels.

As the client put it – “we know what we don’t want…as we already have that”!


Learning Light’s Proposed Solution

Learning Light submitted a fixed cost proposal to utilise its “define and determine approach” to capture the organisation’s needs by the creation of learner journeys, administrator journeys and management journeys.

Learning Light was able to evidence its in-depth knowledge of the LMS market and its experience as an LMS user / buyer to provide the client with a compelling cost saving solution that would also crucially enhance the learner experience.


Why the Client Chose Learning Light

Learning Light was chosen as it was able to demonstrate in-depth of knowledge of the LMS market as consultants and as learning practitioners. The client was impressed with our ability to manage budget limitations yet select the most advanced technology solution, and while always recognising the importance of the learner in the process.

As Learning Light has specialist consultants and practitioners in this area, the client realised that Learning Light would be able to accelerate the specification and procurement process using its already existing approaches.


Overview of Learning Lights’s Roadmap and Delivery of Solution

Learning Light provides a solution based on its in-depth expertise of the e-learning and learning technologies market developed over 9 years. Our roadmap involves listening closely to the requirements, capturing these in our evolved methodology for specification requirement gathering and transposing them into an effective procurement process.

This existing expertise and approach enables Learning Light’s offer to be exceptionally cost effective.


Learning Light’s Implementation and Client Guidance Process

Learning Light worked remotely with the client in 3 differing time zones to develop a project plan to firstly capture the Journeys, then long list and short list a number of LMS vendors mapped against the specification of requirements.

These requirements were then transposed into a robust specification of requirements, along with an objective balanced scorecard for the client’s evaluation and decision-making team.

Learning Light then managed a competitive dialogue process, co-ordinating several vendors and a ten person evaluation team to ensure that the procurement met the developed requirements.

This included negotiation on behalf of the client, detailed testing of the LMS’s shortlisted, and management of demonstrations that were aligned to the clients journeys / clients needs – and not simply vendor-led expositions.


Client Feedback on Both the Solution and its Roll-Out

The LMS was rolled out as scheduled, with the client describing the result as “hit out of the park”!


Tangible Business Benefits to the Client

The LMS was purchased and a significant saving (greater than 50%) was made on the previous solution’s invoiced costs and significant savings were also made in operating costs.

Would the Client Choose Learning Light Again?

Yes and they have! Learning Light subsequently supported this client with procuring a framework of e-learning development partners and continues to support the client in the evolution of its e-learning programme.