Online Proctoring with Multi-Layered Security: ProctorExam & Assessment Systems Corp Partnership

Both leaders in their fields, ProctorExam offer remote proctoring infrastructure as a service (IaaS), while Assessment Systems Corp provide testing software and consulting services grounded in solid scientific research.

These two companies have now joined forces to create a solution for online proctoring with multi-layered security built in.

Assessment Systems is one of the most well-established companies in this space, having offered innovative testing and psychometric software and consultancy solutions since 1979. Major brands using their solutions include The World Bank, Philips and General Electric.

Remote invigilation / proctoring technology company, ProctorExam is a relative newcomer, having been established in 2014, but has quickly become a trusted service provider for the online education market.

This new partnership will combine in-depth understanding of testing best practices with the latest in 360-degree exam monitoring software and security solutions.

David Saben, President and CEO at Assessment Systems Corporation:
​“More and more clients will have access to the combined technology. The benefit of ProctorExam is that it is comparatively economical, so it’s allowing Assessment Systems Corporation to offer proctoring solutions to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to do remote delivery. This allows us to open up new opportunities, especially in education – where there are a lot of high-stakes tests delivered.”

Daniel Haven, Director of ProctorExam: ​
“Due to the shared vision for test taking, we are very excited about working with Assessment Systems Corporation. In the future, we want to see whether we can share more lifecycle events to further automate the entire testing process and not necessarily only use communal data to understand whether a person is cheating or not, but also to further increase the quality of the test itself, by better understanding whether specific questions can be shorter or longer, whether​ they’re too difficult or not.”

At Learning Light, we’re very interested in this development within the field of remote invigilation / online proctoring, as secure assessment is often the missing piece of the jigsaw when it comes to elearning.

These two highly credible organisations look to have made a smart move in partnering to drive innovation within this important area of the market.

You can download the full PDF version of the ProctorExam and Assessment Systems Corp partnership press release via this link to learn more.

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